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AT&T Premier Online Account Access

AT&T Premier Online allows the customers to log in to a customizable site to manage, monitor, and purchase wireless devices, services plans, and accessories for their organizations easily and efficiently virtually from their home or anywhere as they wish. By logging in to AT&T Premier, they can also access their AT&T Wireless invoices, update user information, review reports about usage and cost, view, analyze, and pay bills online in seconds as well as get exclusive Premier offers and discount and many more.

AT&T Premier is made up of several sections. Like Premier Business Center to learn about Premier solutions; Premier to shop at competitive rates; Premier Online Care to control wireless by managing permission, cost, wireless user settings, account, etc.; Premier eBill to make bill payments online, store payment method, produce or export reports; Premier Support to get support quickly with online chat, support page resources and calling.

How to Log In AT&T Premier Online Account

To enjoy all the benefits of the AT&T Premier including shopping online for the latest phones, devices, plans, etc. and manage all the wireless accounts of your organization by using the online tools and adding or removing features, you must log in to your AT&T Premier Online Account. For logging in you can take the steps provided below.

  • Visit the official AT&T Premier Login Portal, www.wireless.att.com/premiercare
  • Enter the Username and Password associated with your AT&T Premier in their respective fields
  • Check the “Remember my Username” box if you want

AT T Premier Login

  • Click on the “Log In” button

Note that the ‘Remember my Username’ option stores the info in the same device so that it can help you speed up the login process in the future. If you select the checkbox, each time the device is used to log in AT&T Premier, the system assumes that the user is authorized to do so. Hence, you should not enable the feature if your computer is used by others too.

How to Recover AT&T Premier Account Login Information Online

The Premier members can retrieve their online access username and password if they lost or forgot them. To recover your AT&T Premier Online Account login credentials, you can

  • Go to the same login page at www.wireless.att.com/premiercare
  • Click on the “username” or “password” link, based on your requirement, next to ‘Forgot your’ under the ‘Log In’ button at the middle left-hand side of the page
  • Enter either the Email Address and the Username or only the Email Address associated with your AT&T Premier login profile
  • Click on the “Continue” button and follow the prompts to find the username or reset the password for your AT&T Premier Online Account.

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How to Register AT&T Premier Online Account

AT&T Premier is a one-stop, customizable, website for business customers, both large and small. If you are a telecom manager, day to day contact, and decision-maker in your company administration, you can register for AT&T Premier by self-serving. The manager of the wireless services for a small business with no AT&T business agreement and the end-users receiving wireless services under a corporate account and the administrator grants the permission can also self-register for AT&T Premier online. For self-registration, you will need

  • Email Address that matches a domain on file for the organization if you are an administrator or that was provided when the contract was signed or when you were added as an authorized contact (for the end user)
  • Foundation Account Number (FAN) or AT&T Wireless Number that has on your organization account
  • 5-7 digit FAN Authentication PIN sent to the business email address on your account

Now when you have all these requirements, you can take the following steps given below.

  • Go to AT&T Premier Login Portal, www.wireless.att.com/premiercare
  • Click on the “Register now” link next to ‘New to Premier?’ on the left side of the webpage.

AT T Premier Register

  • Select the type of AT&T Wireless user you are and click “Continue” to verify your identity.
  • Enter the Email address, Foundation account or wireless number and FAN PIN if you register as an administrator
  • The end-user will need to only provide their Email and Wireless Number that they are authorized to use or manage
  • Click on the “Continue” button.

You will be sent an email to finish your Premier registration. Open the link to validate your email and complete the rest. Check the box to acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions. When the Profile Complete page appears, click the “OK” button and you will be returned to the AT&T Premier login page.

If you already have a profile for another AT&T business site, you will be provided the option to link your new AT&T Premier Account to the existing one during the registration.

Contact Information

AT&T Premier Login Customer Support Phone Number: 866-499-8008 (U.S.), 314-925-6925 (outside the US)

You can also dial 6 from your wireless phone or call at 800-331-0500 for your AT&T Wireless care, service, and billing queries.

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