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November 28, 2019

U.S. Bank ReliaCard Online Account Access

U.S. Bank allows the ReliaCard members to register for Online Access and log in to activate their new card online as well as view and manage the card account conveniently anytime anywhere over the web. With U.S. Bank Account Online Access, the users are permitted to utilize all the online tools and features safely and securely 24/7 from any internet-connected device like your laptop, desktop, smartphone.

The ReliaCard, a reloadable prepaid debit card issued by U.S. Bank, is an electronic option for receiving government benefits and a great alternative to getting paid with a paper check. Instead of hassling with the bank or paying to cash a check, it offers the users their payments automatically deposited to the card every time it is made and the funds are ready to use immediately. The card works much like other prepaid or debit cards. It can be used at millions of places that accept Visa debit cards to make purchase, pay bills, get cash, etc. online, over the phone or by mail.

U.S. Bank ReliaCard Online Access Features & Benefits

Before making purchases, it is always important to know the balance of your U.S. Bank ReliaCard as the cashier or any other person cannot determine the available balance on the card and if you need to pay more than the amount on your card, you have another method of payment to use. So, to check the balance, you can use online. Plus perform all other following benefits.

  • View account information
  • Inquire balance
  • Activate the new card
  • Choose or change the PIN
  • See the most recent transaction
  • Use Online Bill Pay tool to pay the bills or pay another person
  • View monthly statements
  • Opt-out of paper statements and enroll in e-statement
  • Review your fee schedule
  • Sign up to receive and manage text alerts
  • Search for the nearest in-network ATM locations
  • Ask questions about your ReliaCard and more.

How to Create U.S. Bank ReliaCard Online Account

If you are a U.S. Bank ReliaCard holder and want to take advantage of all the benefits mentioned above to better manage your card and always keep your ReliaCard account information at your fingertips, you must set up an Online Account at usbankreliacard.com. Here is a short guide provided for first-time users to establish online access to log into their U.S. Bank Online Account

  • Visit the Us bank ReliaCard official website, www.prepaidmaterials.com/usbankreliacard and click on the “CARDHOLDER LOGIN” link found at the top right side of the page.
  • Or, you can directly access U.S. Bank ReliaCard Login portal at www.usbankreliacard.com
  • Entering the designated page, click on the “First Time Login” located at the bottom of the ‘Cardholder Login’ at the right-hand side of the first page of the portal.

U.S. Bank ReliaCard First time login

  • Now input the 16-digit Card Number from your U.S. Bank ReliaCard in the Card Account Number field.
  • Click on the “Enter” button to create a username and a password and the required login credentials for your U.S. Bank ReliaCard Online Account.

How to Log in U.S. Bank ReliaCard Online Account

Once you set up Us bank ReliaCard Online Account, you can log in to it at any time any place and access all features and services available to you. To log in your ReliaCard Online Account through the website, you just need to

  • Enter the User ID and Password linked to your U.S. Bank ReliaCard Online Access Account under the Cardholder Login at the right-hand side of the page.

U.S. Bank ReliaCard Login

  • Click the “Login” button.

How to Recover U.S. Bank ReliaCard Online Account Login Info

Do not remember your U.S. Bank ReliaCard Card Account Online Access login user id or password? You can recover or reset them with the self-help feature provided on the login page and gain access to your online account again.

To retrieve the username, you will need to click the “Forgot User ID?” link under the right side of the ‘Login’ button and submit your ReliaCard Card Number. For password resetting, click the “Forgot Password?” link and enter the User ID of your U.S. Bank ReliaCard Online Account.

Keep in mind, no legitimate companies including U.S. Bank ever ask the users any sensitive account information such as the Password, PIN numbers, Social Security Number, or Account Number by phone, email or text message. Never respond to the communication asking this kind of information. And also inform immediately the customer service at the number printed on the back of your card.

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U.S. Bank ReliaCard Prepaid Debit Card features

The U.S. Bank ReliaCard comes with a number of advantages and benefits. Once you receive the card in the mail, activate and select a PIN, and then sign your name on the back of your card in ink, you can start using the card. Having the advantages of a ReliaCard is something like listed below.

  • Payment money is automatically deposited to your card account
  • Save time with easy and quick access to the funds without waiting in line to cash or deposit a check
  • Secure than carrying a large amount of cash
  • Avoid extra fees and save money as you no longer need to go to the check casher
  • Make purchases online, over the phone as well as at retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, medical offices and anywhere Visa Debit Card is accepted.
  • Get cashback with purchases at participating merchants such as grocery stores and convenience stores.
  • Withdraw cash at any ATM or get cash at a bank or credit union teller
  • Pay bills online to thousands of companies directly through the biller or Online Bill Pay by logging into your ReliaCard Online Account.
  • Download the U.S. Bank ReliaCard Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play or access the Online Account Center to manage and view the card online.

Contact Information

U.S. Bank ReliaCard Cardholder Customer Service Phone Number: 855-282-6161

You can also log into your ReliaCard Online Account for inquiries.

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