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Login To Your Schedulefly Account

Login To Your Schedulefly Account Schedulefly, a simple and organized way to schedule and communicate with the staff, enables the registered clients and employees to access their Schedulefly account online and stay well informed about their work and the restaurant over the web or on their phones in real-time and all the time.

Schedulefly is scheduling and communication software for restaurants, bars, breweries, boutique hotels, and others of any size in the hospitality industry. It offers services to more than 7000 customers including many of the best restaurants in cities all across the United States and Canada.

How to Log In Schedulefly Account Online

With Schedulefly Online Account, the employers can keep track of their staff details, important paperwork and documents, reports, job posts, fly notes, etc., as well as the employees, can access their schedule, work hours, time off, shift info, payroll; communicate with the manager and many more virtually at any time.

If you are a Schedulefly customer, you can use the following steps to log in to your Schedulefly account online from your computer to take the benefits of all features and services available for you.

  • Visit the official Schedulefly website, www.schedulefly.com, and click on the “Sign In” link from the top right corner of the page.
  • Or, go to the Schedulefly login portal directly at app.schedulefly.com/login
  • Enter the User ID and Password established when you joined Schedulefly online for the first time in their respective fields.

Login To Your Schedulefly Account

  • Click on the “Sign In” button.

Schedulefly Mobile Log In

If you are on a mobile device, access Schedulefly mobile site at m.schedulefly.com to log in to your Schedulefly Online Account with the associated Userid and Password for better performance. Here you can enable the “Stay signed in” checkbox for faster access to Schedulefly on your smartphone.

For quick and easy access, you can also put a Schedulefly icon on the screen of your device. Android users tap the ‘Menu’ button and then ‘Add to home screen’ in Chrome. Type ‘Schedulefly’ for the name to allow Chrome to add the icon to the Home Screen.

On Firefox for Android, you will need to tap the ‘Menu’, then ‘Page’ option and lastly ‘Add to Home Screen’.

The iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users tap the ‘Share’ button on the browser’s toolbar located either on the top or bottom of the screen. After that, tap the ‘Add to Home Screen’ button to name the icon Schedulefly and hit the ‘Add’ button.

The shortcut can also be dragged and placed anywhere on your device’s home screen including app folders as per your choice like any normal app icon.

How to Recover Schedulefly Online Account Login Information

The Schedulefly Online Account members who have forgotten their login credentials can get their user id back and reset the password and access their account in Schedulefly again. To initiate the recovery procedure, you can

  • Go to Schedulefly site, app.schedulefly.com/login or m.schedulefly.com
  • Click on the “Forgot Userid/Password?” or “Forgot your password or your userid?” link based on which site you visited below the Sign-In button.
  • Enter your Email Address in its field on the next page.
  • Select the “Send Me Instructions” button.

The User ID of your Schedulefly Online Account along with necessary instructions for password resetting will be sent to you via email.

How to Register in Schedulefly Online

Schedulefly simple monthly pricing remains unchanged since the company started its journey. There is no contract, no fees, no credit card or obligations, no hassle, and all features and services included. You just have to pay according to the numbers of your staff ranging below 19 to above 80. Before purchasing you can even try Schedulefly for free for 30 days. To start a free trial for your restaurant, you can

  • Visit Schedulefly website, www.schedulefly.com
  • Click on the “Free Trial” from the top middle of the page.
  • Enter the required information i.e. your first name, last name, email address, restaurant name, phone number, city, state, or province.
  • List your schedule names and dayparts and select what day of the week the schedule starts.
  • Write how you heard about Schedulefly and if there is anything else you would like to share with them in the comment box.
  • Type the number in the field provided there
  • Click the “Request Free Trial” button when you fill out the online form entirely.

Prior to entering the next steps, you can review the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Schedulefly by clicking the respective links posted below the page.

Note that once you submit the application and a brand new Schedulefly account will be created for your company. So before proceeding, make sure if your company has already signed up for Schedulefly or at work. You can also ask your manager to create a Schedulefly account and send you your individual Schedulefly login.

Contact Information

Schedulefly Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-610-6734

Mailing Address:

Schedulefly Inc.

6005 Valencia Ct

Raleigh, NC 27614

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