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RBC Visa Prepaid Gift Card

Royal Bank of Canada provides the customers with the Visa Prepaid Gift Card, the perfect and efficient option to create a unique present every time. 

It provides users with unbeatable freedom and security with a myriad of options that doesn’t come with an in-store gift card. It allows them to buy the things they want, at the time they’d like and wherever they’d like, whether to purchase a basic item or for a unique reward.

RBC Visa Gift Card looks like a credit card , but it’s actually a store-value gift card that is able to be loaded when you purchase. the amount you spend will be subtracted from the balance until it is at the amount of $0.

RBC Visa Prepaid Gift Card Features & Benefits

When you purchase the purchase of an RBC Visa Gift Card purchased at any RBC Royal Bank branch you will take advantage of the following advantages.

  • Useful for all purchases, including via telephone, online, and at millions of retail stores around the globe that accept Visa debit cards. Visa debit cards are accepted.
  • Make a comparison purchase, look for the lowest price, and then purchase precisely what you want, whether it’s most basic needs or an extravagant purchase
  • It is not activated or setup is required. Simply use it right away and immediately experience satisfaction
  • There is no need to spend all the money on the card at one location or to purchase things
  • The money that is loaded onto the account of the card will not expire, but the card does have an expiry date that is required to process payments.
  • If there is any remaining balance after the expiry date of your card substitute card will be issued at no cost and the balance transferred to the new card.
  • Additional protection and security offered with RBC and Visa with Visa’s Zero Liability Protection
  • There is no usage or maintenance fee payment, activation fee or replacement fee IVR cost

How do I sign up to get an RBC Visa Credit Card on the internet

To make phone and online purchases and to check the balance, you need to register with your RBC Visa Prepaid Card and register for online account access. Also, it is necessary to allow the card to be replaced in the event of its loss or stolen. In order to register the card it is necessary to

  • Visit www.MyRBCCardBalance.com
  • Select the “Need an account?” link that is located on the bottom of the “Cardholder Sign-In” section located on the left-hand side on the left side.
  • You will be taken onto the Gift Card Need Login page to enter your RBC Visa Prepaid Gift Card Number in the field that is appropriate for it.
  • Hit”Continue” or click the “Continue” click and adhere to the instructions on screen to setup an RBC Visa Credit Card Access your online bank account. Access.

www.MyRBCCardBalance.com - Online Login Process For RBC Visa Prpaid Gift Card

How to Sign In RBC Credit Card Prepaid Visa Online Account

To be aware of the amount you have available on your card is essential when making purchases since merchants aren’t allowed to examine the balance of your RBC Visa Prepaid Gift Card balance. A transaction could be denied if the card does not have enough funds.

In other words, if you have registered the RBC Visa Prepaid card and sign up for online access and then create the necessary username and password, you will be able to access it to manage your account, check the balance of the account and view account activity and more on the internet from any location. To gain access to all of these services, take the steps listed in the following steps.

  • Go to www.MyRBCCardBalance.com
  • Enter the username and password associated with the RBC Visa Card Online Prepaid Card Online Account into their own boxes located in the ‘Cardholder Sign-In section located on the left-hand side of the website.
  • Hit on the “Log in” button to log in to the account of your RBC Visa Online Prepaid Account.

How to Retrieve RBC Visa Credit Card Prepaid Online Login Details

For those who are unable to remember your RBC Visa Prepaid Card Online Account username and password can use”Forgot Your Login? “Forgot Your Login?” button on the Cardholder Sign-In page the section of the Gift Card Visa Prepaid Credit Cards made by RBC Login page. You must enter the card’s number to begin the login assistance process.

Important Information About RBC Visa Card Prepaid Gift Card

  • The card comes with a one-time purchase Charge of $3.95 that is charged at the time you purchase the card.
  • The card is not able to be utilized to withdraw cash at ATMs, to withdraw cash at an ATM or to make any other cash withdrawals, or to pay the financial institution
  • The card isn’t reloadable. The card is loaded once at the time of purchase and can’t be loaded with additional money.
  • It isn’t refundable for cash or other bank products and cannot be transferred to. After the card is personalized with your name as the person who is the recipient it is not transferable to a different person.
  • RBC Visa Prepaid Gift Card is not covered in any way by Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

Contact Info

To activate to activate your RBC Visa Prepaid Gift Card Report it as stolen or lost, and review the activities of your card’s account, and for any other questions or assistance, contact the following numbers.

RBC Visa Prepaid Gift Card Customer Services Telephone #: 1-866-466-8079 or 1-944-577-4480 (Outside from Canada as well as within the United States)

Mailing Address:

Cardholder Services

P.O. Box 7235

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-7235

Email Address: [email protected]


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RBC Royal Bank Official Site – www.rbcroyalbank.com

RBC Visa Gift Card – www.rbcroyalbank.com/visagiftcard

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