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BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card Online Access

The BioLife plasma donors can register and access their BioLife Prepaid MasterCard online to check balance, view transactions, update profile, locate surcharge-free ATMs near you, transfer money from the card to bank account, receive alerts and many more activities to manage their card account online securely and conveniently 24/7 from anywhere.

The BioLife Card is a Debit MasterCard used to receive compensation for plasma donation at BioLife Plasma Service Center. Each time a donor donates plasma at BioLife, the card is loaded automatically with the compensation fund which they can use to make purchases wherever Mastercard debit cards are accepted and withdraw cash from ATMs. The purchase and withdrawal limit is the balance on your BioLife Prepaid MasterCard.

BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Features & Benefits

Following each successful donation, the money is loaded on to the respective donor’s BioLife Card offering safe, secure and convenient access to the funds. There is no credit line associated with the BioLife Prepaid MasterCard, also no credit check or approval process required to receive or use it. Below are some cardmember benefits that you can enjoy as a holder of a BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card.

  • Make purchases, shop online, pay at pumps, use everywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted
  • Withdraw cash at over 90,000 ATM locations nationwide
  • Request cash access from a teller inside any Mastercard member bank.
  • Get cashback from select merchants offering the option while making ‘Debit’ purchases.
  • Transfer funds directly from the card account to your bank account
  • Covered by Zero Liability Protection if the card is ever lost or stolen
  • Know your card balance online, by phone or text before using each time
  • Access BioLife Cardholder website or mobile app for hassle-free virtual card management and stay well informed about the important information.

Rates & Fees

  • ATM Withdrawal: The first withdrawal following each plasma donation is surcharge-free. After that $2.25
  • ATM Balance Inquiry: $1.00
  • Over the counter Bank Cash Withdrawal: $2.95
  • Point of Sale Purchase: None
  • Replacement Card: $4.95

How to Activate BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Online

When you receive your BioLife Card, for the first time before using it, you will need to activate it by calling the BioLife Card Customer Support Number and following the voice prompt. You will be required to provide the Card Number and your date of birth. Then you can choose your card PIN. Once activated, sign the back of your BioLife Card and review the materials that come along with the card package.

How to Register for BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Online Access

After the activation, you are referred to register on the cardholder website to access additional information and features. To initiate the online BioLife Plasma Prepaid Debit Card registration process, keep your card handy and take the following steps.

  • Visit www.login.wirecard.com/biolife
  • Go to the bottom of the ‘ACCESS AND MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT’ at the right-hand side and click on the “Register Your Card for online access” link underneath ‘Register Your Card’.

BioLife Prepaid Card Register

  • Enter the 16-digit Card Number on the front of your BioLife Prepaid MasterCard in the first field.
  • Enter the 3-digit Security Code from the back of your card at the end of the signature panel in the next field.
  • Click the “Next” button to proceed.

Follow the prompts to create a username and password for your BioLife Card Online Account. Verify your mailing address. If your address is incorrect, you may change it before submitting the registration. Provide your email address. Review and accept the terms of use and click on the “Submit” button.

How to Login BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Online Account

Once you register your BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Online Account, the next time you visit the cardholder site, you can log into the card account easily and conveniently using a few simple steps such as

  • Access the BioLife Plasma Service Prepaid MasterCard Cardholder Portal, www.login.wirecard.com/biolife Enter the Username and Password that you created during registration in their respective fields under ‘ACCESS AND MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT’ on the right side of the page.
  • Enter the text given below the entry fields on the empty box for security purposes.

BioLife Prepaid Card Login

  • Click the “Log In” button.

If you access your BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card Online Account for the first time or on a new device, you may be required to provide additional verification as a secondary proof of your identity to protect your personal information from unauthorized access.

After logging in to your BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Online Account, you can access all the features and options of the service to get more control over your BioLife Card. Like you can view the remaining balance, track the card activity, see payment details and transaction history, find in-network ATMs, transfer your card balance to a bank account, and many more.

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How to Recover BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Online Account Login Info

The BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Debit Cardholders members, who do not remember their Online Account login credentials and cannot log in to access their card account online, can find their username or reset the password with the recovery options provided on the login page and obtain the account access again.

To retrieve the username, they will need to click the “Forgot Username” link at the end of the username field on the cardholder login page and submit the following information for validation.

  • 16-digit Card Number
  • Security Code
  • And 5-digit Postal Code

If you do not know your BioLife card number, you will need to contact the Customer Service over the phone.

And to reset the password of your BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Online Account, click the “Forgot Password” link at the end of the respective login field and enter your

  • Username
  • And Postal Code

Once your access permission is verified and a resetting email with necessary instruction will be sent to you to change the password and regain your BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Online Account access.

If your username is not an email address, you may need to contact your local BioLife Plasma Service center directly to have them set your password.

BioLife Card Customer Service :

BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card Customer Support Number: 1-888-472-0099

BioLife Prepaid MasterCard Online Account Username Obtaining Number: 1-800-439-9568

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