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Chase Bank has been sending the pre-approved credit card offer to the individuals who are eligible for it. If you have a Chase Bank account there are great chances that you received the pre-approved credit card offer. The card offer lets you get the card without any hassle of long credit card applications. If you have the Chase Preferred Invitation in your email then you can simply open the inbox and accept the offer at the website of the Chase Bank.

However, before you get started with the Chase Get Ink Preferred Credit Card offer it is time to explore the benefits and features of the card. The credit card comes with great features when used at multiple destinations. If you use the card you might be aware of its features. If not you can find a guide here. Read on for features and benefits of the Chase Get Ink Preferred Credit Card.

What is the Get Ink Preferred Offer

The Chase Get Ink Preferred Credit Card Pre Approved Offer or the Get Ink Preferred Offer is a mailing offer designed for individuals who have been pre-screened. You can get the credit card in a few simple steps if you have the Ink Preferred Offer. All you need to have is the 12 digit invitation code and produce it at the get ink preferred website.

The Ink Preferred Credit Card offer is sent by the Chase bank via email. If you have a good or excellent credit you might receive the offer. Once you receive the Chase Preferred Offer you will be able to get the credit card in a snap. You do not need to fill out a long application form and wait for the approval.

Benefits of the Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card

  • The Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card offers the highest bonus in its category. You can pay at multiple destinations and receive bonus.
  • Spending $150,000 on travel and shipping you can earn 3 points per dollar spent.
  • There is a 25% increase in point value for travel redemptions. This makes the credit card so popular.
  • The credit cardholder can transfer points to a wide range of airline and hotel programs. You can transfer it to United Airlines, Southwest, British Airways, Marriott and Hyatt.
  • There are a number of travel protections such as trip cancelation insurance and interruption.
  • The credit card comes with purchase protection which is covered up to 120 days against theft or damage.

How to Visit GetInkPreferred.com Invitation

  • Do you have the Chase Bank Preferred Credit Card offer in your email? If yes you can accept the credit card offer at the website of getting Ink Preferred. www.getinkpreferred.com
  • Once the website opens there will be a message reading ‘Thanks for your interest’.
  • Enter the 12 digit invitation number and 5 digit zip code and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card Invitation

  • Once the details are validated you will find a success screen.
  • Enter little information asked and you can get the credit card in the mail.

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The Chase Bank Preferred Ink Card is issued by the Bank for a wide range of usage. Businessmen and travelers can find the card extremely useful. Unfortunately, the card has some drawbacks such as the bonus categories might not be matching on your spending. If you do not travel much or spend money on other bonus categories you will miss out the outgoing value on the credit card. Regardless of the category of purchase, there is a flat reward rate.




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