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CashPass Visa Prepaid Debit Card

CashPass Visa Debit Card is a secure and efficient way to conserve and manage the cash without having to pay overdraft fees or credit checks. It gives consumers the chance to control their finances and reduce costs.

There are many methods to add funds to the CashPass card account . The card can be used anywhere Debit Visa is accepted as ATMs, credit cards, or debit cards around the globe. Furthermore, cardholders are able to manage every aspect the use of using their CashPass Visa prepaid card online 24 hours per day, seven all week.

CashPass Visa Prepaid Card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank and managed by CashPass. It is a signature – and PIN-controlled card that can’t be misused or overdrawn. Without a PIN, the cardholders are unable to use the card for ATM or debit transactions. Also, all CashPasscard accounts are private with FDIC insurance that is up to $250,000 for each card account.

www.cashpass.com - CashPass Visa Prepaid Debit Card Login Guide

CashPass Visa Prepaid Card Features & Benefits

CashPass Visa Prepaid Credit Card is a different option for banks and is safer alternative to carrying money. It is equipped with the following benefits.

Make Money

  • Join Direct Deposit for all or a fraction of your salary and get your money up to two days earlier
  • Receive your tax refund and Government Benefits fast and simple through direct bank transfer.
  • Reload the card using money at CashPass authorized distributors
  • ACH via a traditional bank account
  • Share, move and transfer money card to your card to get a secure and simple allowance that can be compared with cash
  • Check out any one or all of the thousands CashPass loading locations in the majority of major stores, including Walmart, Albertsons, 7-Eleven, Safeway, CVS, Moneygram and more.

Companion Sub Cards

  • Up to 5 cards as companion cards to family budgets as well as allowances
  • Control their spending to make it easy for budgeting, tracking, and also saving
  • Review all purchases; track the purchases and transfer funds to one account.
  • A one-time activation cost of only $1 per card, if there is no monthly fee

Security & Protection

  • Protection against fraud is supported with Visa Zero Liability Protection
  • Set up alerts based on your timetable
  • Text and email alerts are free to receive the balance of your card or transaction notifications directly on your mobile or by email. It is also available for all purchases, to give the security of a fraudulent transaction.
  • Instant alerts for direct deposit and cash loads
  • Receive notifications for purchase of companion cards and keep track of the spending
  • All card accounts are FDIC protected when the cardholder’s information is verified

ATM Access & Bill Pay

  • You can use the card at any Visa ATMs that accept Visa throughout the United States.
  • There is no waiting in line. Manage and pay bills online
  • Create payments and pay several bills at once
  • The payment history is always available

Fees and Rates

  • No activation fee
  • No Overdraft Fee
  • No load fees for Direct Deposit
  • No signature transaction fee
  • Monthly Maintenance Fees: $0 on the Premier Card ; $6.95 for Premier Card
  • Cost of Retail Liad: 2 for the Premier percent card; 2%-$2 for the Premier Card
  • The cost for transactions with PINs is $2 for Domestic and $3 International
  • Card to Bank Account or Card Charge for Transaction: $2.50
  • ATM Fee for withdrawal: $2.50 Domestic and $3.50 International
  • Balance inquiry for ATMs and Decline Charge: $0.50
  • Inactivity Cost: $3.95
  • Electronic Bill Pay Fee: $1.00
  • Card Replacement Fee The fee is $10.

Application to get CashPass Visa Prepaid Card Online

CashPass provides two kinds of Visa Prepaid Cards- Prime Flat Monthly Fee Card as well as Premier ( percent) pay As You Go Card. 

To apply for the CashPass Visa Card you can go to CashPass official website, www.cashpass.com. Choose the plan that works most for you, and then click the “GET A CARD” button beneath the selected card. A new web page will open , where you must fill in the required information to begin the application process.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Email Address
  • Street Address (No PO Box)
  • Apartment Number
  • City
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Home telephone number

Check the box and then click then the “Submit” button to complete the verification procedure. If your identity has been confirmed, to receive your personal card sent to you via postal mail within 7-10 business days.

In addition to online shopping, you can visit an CashPass distributor to receive an instant cash card in the store for access to the cash immediately.

How do I activate CashPass Visa Prepaid Card & Register Online Account

After you have received your brand newly-issued CashPass Visa Prepaid Card, you’ll be able to activate your card and register to access online. Keep your CashPass card close by and follow the instructions below.

  • Go to CashPass official website, www.cashpass.com
  • Select”Activate Card” “Activate Card” button located at the top left part of your page.
  • When you reach the appropriate page, type in the required details i.e. Card Number, Expiration Date, Security Code, Date of Birth, Social Security Number into each of their fields.
  • Input the code below the page , and then click the “Submit” button.

Follow the on-screen directions to sign up to activate and use your brand new credit card and then set your PIN to load funds. Once you have loaded your account, you can utilize it immediately.

How to Configure CashPass Visa Prepaid Card Online Account Access

Then, you will be asked to create with your CashPass Card Online Account and select your login details when you activate of the card. If you did not create the Online CashPass Visa Prepaid Card account at the time it is required to do so prior to logging in for your first time.

To set up your personal CashPass Card Online Account User ID and Password, visit www.cashpass.com and click on the “My Account” button found on the right-hand side of the top of the page. You will need to provide the same details that you have entered earlier to activate the card .

  • Card Number
  • Card Expiration Date
  • Card Security Code
  • Cardholder’s Birth Date
  • and Social Security Number and Social Security

Be aware that the online session will automatically terminated after 15 minutes of no activity to ensure security. Do not quit your computer for a lengthy period of time while you go through the process. After you’ve completed this step, you will be able to access your account online. Online Account Access, you can perform the following actions.

  • Check the balance of your credit card
  • View and download the most recent as well as previous transaction information
  • Join our email alerts to be informed regarding your account
  • Contact our online customer support and many more

How to login to the for the online CashPass Visa account

To take advantage of all the benefits and additional CashPass online access features, you can log in into the CashPass Visa Virtual Prepaid Account any time from any internet browser. For login,

  • Visit the CashPass Visa Prepaid Debit Card website at www.cashpass.com and click on the “My Account” button found in the upper right corner of the page.
  • You must enter in the Username and Password associated with their CashPass Online Account in the fields that they have designated for them.
  • Hit on the “Login” option.

How to reset the CashPass Credit Card Prepaid Online Visa Account Password

Users who forgot the CashPass Visa Prepaid Card Online Account password can be reset using the login tool available at the page for login.

  • Simply click on”Forgot your Password? “Forgot your Password?” link just below the login button.
  • Enter your Username and Card Number into the appropriate spaces
  • Write the word or number that is shown in the image to secure the security.
  • Hit”Continue” or click the “Continue” link to create an additional account password to access your CashPass Visa Online Prepaid Card.

CashPass app

Install”CashPass” or the “CashPass” App from the App Store or Google Play Store on your Android or Apple device to enjoy many more benefits from CashPass. CashPass Card. Visa Prepaid Card, such as

  • Receive special deals within your local area and also local deals and deals
  • Pay cash by cash through Check Capture (Most check types are accepted)
  • Transfer money to a different account on the card and then send money to family and friends
  • Monitor the activity of your card and check the balance. manage the money and pay bills etc. While on the move
  • Get access to to the CashPass Visa Credit Card online Account Services together with Mobile Banking
  • Locate ATMs and load points, and CashPass retail locations.
  • Contact customer service to reset passwords, request customer service and much more.

More About CashPass

CashPass is an institution that provides security and financial services for those with no bank accounts, or cards. The company was established at Burnsville, MN in 2003 and is primarily geared on serving those who are unbanked or underbanked, without the excessive fees for banking and restrictions that traditional institutions have to impose. Metropolitan Commercial Bank is the company that issues CashPass cards, however the cardholders don’t need to open a bank account at the bank.

Contact Info

CashPass Visa Prepaid Card Customer Service Number: 1-877-766-3551

Toll-Free Automated Account Information Telephone number: 1-866-452-3434

Address for Mailing:

CashPass Network

P.O. Box 906



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