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Ways to register and access Comdata Card Account

Going cashless has been the feature for some time now. With the technological boons like money transfer, cash card, gift card, ATM Card, mobile wallet, net banking, and carrying cash has become easier. In case you are wondering, carrying cash comes with numerous disadvantages. For starters, you need to constantly worry about the presence of the wallet full of cash. Every time you purchase or transact, taking out cash every time may cause inconvenience like falling out of cash or keeping a thorough check. The odd and decimal transactions may have a problem in issuing change. Pickpocketing comes in another category y of trouble though! Going cashless has made lives pretty easier.

A brief outline about Comdata Card

Among the cashless alternative, Pay Card is one of the compact and easy solutions that are becoming popular for the transaction and especially among the employers for salary disbursement. In place of getting a paper check, employers are provisioning pay card as the monthly pay stub. Comdata Card is one such electronic alternative, i.e. a popular pay card. Without any hassle of creating a separate salary account, the company issue a Comdata Card account to its employees. During each payroll period, the salary is credited to the Comdata Pay card. Now, use this card as your ATM and card wallet to draw cash, transact online, pay bills and much more.

Officially known as Comdata MasterCard, Comdata Card is issued by the prominent bank, Regional Bank. The license of the Comdata Card is issued by MasterCard International Incorporated. Comdata Card is programmed and manufactured by Comdata Inc. Comdata Inc is focused on building innovative technology of transactions coupled with actionable programming for building advanced control. Comdata Card is used and trusted by more than 30,000 organizations. Comdata is ranked as one of the largest issuers of fuel cards. It is also the second-largest MasterCard provider in both the United States of America and Canada.

Features ofย  Comdata card

Comdata Card is one of the prolific fleet management cards that can provide you with numerous benefits about both large scale and small scale transactions.

  • Comdata Card can be utilized for paying lodgings in the for hotel bookings and rents.
  • The card can be used to gather points and transact in the fuel and gas stations.
  • Comdata had a partnership with many major organizations and industries. Under this scheme, every employee working in that particular organization is provided with a Comdata Card. During the pay cycle, the company credits the salary amount to the Comdata Cards. Using that card, the employee can withdraw cash, transfer the amount to their bank account, use it for transactions, go for online shopping and many more.
  • Payment in retail stores.

To use all the above features, you need to activate Comdata Card for the online transaction. Comdata Online registration will enable you to manage and access the Comdata account information over the online portal. On registering you can check the balance, print account stamen, and perform an online transfer, do the transaction and many more.ย  Register to enjoy uninhabited benefits at one go.

The requirement for Comdata Online Registration

To register, you need to have the card number and activation code. You will get the card number on the front side of the Comdata Card. Activation code will be given in a securely sealed envelope along with the card usage kit. Never share the activation code with others. It is recommended to destroy the envelope completely after memorizing the activation code.

Steps to register with Comdata Online Account

Now without much ado, jump to the easy steps to register Comdata Card online:

  • Open the browser and visit www.cardholder.comdata.com
  • On the left side of the home page, under Cardholders Register Here, click on the Click Here To Register
  • Enter the Card Number.
  • Type the Activation Code.
  • Click on
  • On the subsequent page, you need to enter your personal information like the name (as on Comdata Card Account), full residential address, contact number, registered email address, Social Security Number and many more. Make sure to enter the same information you have entered at the time of registering for the Comdata Card.
  • Click on Next.
  • Proceed to create a
  • Create a password. The password must be strong and unique.
  • Click on Submit.

Hurrah! You have successfully created your very own online version of the Comdata Card. No more hassle of checking the monthly statement from the end of your employer only. Access the world of possibilities from any time and anywhere.

Accessing the Comdata Online Portal

Post-registration, you will now be able to log in to your Comdata Online account and access all the features. Follow these steps to know:

Comdata Cardholder Services - Login

  • Click on the Login

Enter the world of possibilities with Comdata Online Account.

How to reset password

Of all the problems faced by the users while accessing, the most common problem faced by them is forgetting the password. Entering incorrect passwords repeatedly will temporarily lock down the account which will involve a long process to regularise starting with contacting the IT Help Desk Administrator.ย  No need to go through complications. The easier will be to simply reset the password. Check out the process:

  • Open the browser and visitย www.cardholder.comdata.com
  • Scroll down and click on Forgot your Password link below login.
  • Enter the account Username.
  • Enter the registered email address. Make sure to enter accurate information as this info will be used to auto-populate the details of your account. In case of any typo, click on Reset and retype correctly.
  • On entering the complete info, click on Submit Request.
  • An email will be sent to your registered email address.
  • Check the inbox. You will be provided with a new password. Come back to the login page and access using newly set credentials. You are ready to go again.

How to retrieve username

Not only a password, surprisingly forgetting the very username of the Comdata Account is a very common phenomenon. The reason is many a time, the user may access from the office system which may be handled by other employees too. As a result, the saved credentials in the browser may lead to a potential security breach. After all the daily stress, remembering manually becomes a tad difficult. However, no need to worry, the solution is at the hand. Follow these steps to thrive your username:

  • Open the browser and visit www.cardholder.comdata.com
  • Scroll down and click on Forgot your Username link below the login
  • Enter the Card Number from the front body of the Comdata Card.
  • Type the registered email address.
  • Make sure to enter accurate information as this info will be used to auto-populate the details of your account. In case of any typo, click on Reset and retype correctly.
  • On entering the complete info, click on Submit Request.
  • An email will be sent to your registered email address.
  • Check the inbox. Your username will be mentioned in the email. Come back to the login page and access using credentials. You are ready to go again.

Contacting Comdata Support Help Desk

Facing any trouble? Having any difficulties accessing the features? Have any questions regarding the usage? Want a quick solution to any immediate concern? All your queries, requests and complaints will be addressed under integrated Comdata Help Desk. There are two ways via which you can reach out for help anytime and anywhere, 24/7 hours!

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Via Website

Visit the contact page of Comdata directly at www.comdata.com/contact-us/support. Fill out the Customer Service Form with relevant information:

  • Full Name.
  • Email Address(must be active, better put the registered one)
  • Contact Number.
  • Name of the company or organization you are working for and issuing your Comdata card.
  • Elaborate depiction of your request, query or complaint.

Next, confirm the captcha and click on Get Support. You will be replied and responded within the shortest possible TAT.

Via Phone Number

Talk to the Comdata Assistance Desk Representative over the call. It will act as a quick and instant solution. The call will be made directly via the website. On your Smartphone, visit the link www.comdata.com/contact-us/support. Click on the top right Call button.ย  On clicking, your call will reach to Comdata Help Desk.

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