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November 16, 2018

Sign Up for Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard

Brink’s comes up with a safe and convenient way for the consumers to manage and get more control of their daily money by offering them Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard. The card combines the security of Brinks that has secured billions of dollars and other important assets for more than 150 years, with the flexibility and power of NetSpend.

Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard is more than a mere a card that gives the cardholders the convenience of having a bank debit card with no minimum balance, no interest or late fees, no credit check, but entirely controlled by the customers. The card keeps your money secure with FDIC insurance. Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard is issued by Bofl Federal Bank pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated.

Sign Up to get Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard.

To take advantage of all the benefits and features of the Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard and prevent the accumulation of a debt, you can sign up and order the card online. For applying the interested consumers can follow the brief guideline provided here:

Brink s Prepaid Mastercard

  • In the next page, you have to fill up a short form entering your First Name, Last Name, Street Address or Apt Number, ZIP Code, and Email Address.
  • Select the payment method you would like to receive up to 2 days after with Direct Deposit.
  • Choose your Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard card design.
  • Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement and Fees and the privacy policy of the bank prior to clicking “GET MY CARD”.

Sign Up Now Brink s Prepaid Mastercard

Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard Card Activation

If you have approved for Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard and receive your new card in the mail, you need to activate before you start to use it.

  • For activation, visit the same website where you sign up for the card
  • Click the blue “ACTIVATE CARD” button near the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Enter your Brink’s Prepaid Card Number and Security Code from the back of the card in their respective spaces in the Brink’s Card Activation page.
  • Click the “Continue” button and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your card.

brinks money Card Activation Log in to your Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard Account Online

When you sign up for a Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard, your card account will also be created with that process. You don’t need to open a new account for the first-time login. So, once you receive your new card, you can directly jump into the login process and access your Card Account with Brinks’s Online Account Center.

To log in, just keep the Username and Password registered to your Brink’s Prepaid Card Account handy and follow the steps below

  • Go to Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard site at www.brinksprepaidmastercard.com
  • Click on the “ACCOUNT LOGIN” next to the ‘ACTIVATE CARD’ and below the one ‘Sign Up Now’ link at the top right corner of the page and you will be prompted to the ‘Account Login’ page.
  • Enter your Username and Password in the respective blank fields.
  • Check the “Remember Username” box if you are planning to use the current device for frequent login as it will speed the process each time until you remove it.
  • Click the “Log In” button to enter your card account.
Brink s Money Prepaid AccountForgot User Name or Password

In case, you forgot your login credentials or your account is a lock-out, you can retrieve your username and reset the password.

To get the Username, click the “Forgot Username” link provided in the Login page. Then, you need to fill in the Primary Cardholder’s Email Address to initiate the recovery procedure.

To reset the password, go to the ‘Forgot Password’ page from the login section following the same process described above. Enter the Primary Cardholder’s Email Address and Username and you will be sent to the required link and instructions to regain the online access to your Brink’s Prepaid Card Account.

Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard Features

  • Enroll in Direct Deposit to save time and fees at check cashing centers and get your paycheck or government benefits in your account up to 2 days faster.
  • Earn cash back on everyday purchases using your Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard with PayBack Rewards Program.
  • Load your card at one of the 130,000 locations, from a bank account or transfer money from other cardholders.
  • Access and manage your money such as check card balance, view transaction, transfer funds and more from Online Account Center, Mobile Apps 24/7.
  • Sign up and receive text alerts about transaction, deposit or budget notification.
  • Customize your Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard and put your picture on it for added security.
  • Get covered up to $10 purchase cushion when you are short of funds and 5% APY Savings Account.

Brinks Prepaid MasterCard Customer Service:

For any questions or inquiries, contact Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard Customer Service in the following way.

Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-877-849-3249

Email Address [email protected]

Mailing Address

Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard

C/o NetSpend Corporation

PO Box 2136

Austin, TX 78768-2136




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