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January 03, 2020

Online activation of Capital One Walmart Rewards Card 

In partnership with Capital One, Walmart launched a brand new Capital Walmart Rewards Card exclusively for easy shopping and bigger savings. With this brand new digital-first suite card, customers would be able to wear fabulous rewards with each shopping. Rewards will be provided on shopping both inside and outside Walmart. Both Capital One and Walmart are dedicated to providing customer-centric service. It also advocates building up an entire digitally enhanced platform for overall transformation. Such mutual goals enable the commercial giant and finance giants to come together and conceive the exclusive digital-first credit card to the customers bringing tremendous change is a shopping experience.

Perks of Capital One Walmart Rewards Card

Heralded as “easy no effort partner of your wallet”, Capital One Walmart Rewards Card is designed to suit the buyers’ and their family’s needs for buying superior consumer goods at one go. With each purchase, cardholders are entitled to procure larger rewards. Apart from Walmart, many partner stores accept this Rewards Card. Make sure to check with the store before commencing the transaction. Some more pros of owning Capital One Walmart Rewards Card are:

  • For each purchase at, Walmart Grocery Pickup and Delivery, cardholders will get 5 % cash-back.
  • Additional 5 % back as an introductory offer on the first 12 months of in-store purchase using Walmart Pay.
  • Zero annual fees on the card.
  • Zero transaction fee for foreign purchases.
  • 2 % introductory offer cashback for purchase in outside store (same introductory offer as above).
  • Travel and restaurant transactions will fetch 2 % cash-back.
  • 2 % cashback in fuel stations.
  • 1 % cashback on ret of transaction.
  • Use any rewards flexibly anytime and anywhere on gift cards, travel, hotel, restaurant, purchase from retail and online transaction from

There are many more stores and transaction-specific additional benefits provided by the partner organizations. You will get details of all other offers on the Welcome Kit containing the physical card, PIN and activation number. To make your card eligible for online transactions, complete the online registration form Walmart Capital One Portal.

Requirements for enrolment

Activate your favorite Reward Card on arrival and start earning numerous points. To activate, you must follow the below criteria:

  • The applicant must be a minimum of 18 years of age or above.
  • The applicant must keep the card, personal and security information in handy.
  • The applicant must possess the secret activation code.

The process to enroll and activate Capital One Walmart Reward Card online


  • Registration involves auto locating your information on the system.
  • Enter your last name as registered in your Reward Card.
  • Enter either your Social Security Number or Bank Account Number.
  • Select your Date of birth’s month, day and year from the dropdown list.
  • Click on Find Me.
  • Upon entering the correct information, your account details will auto-populate. Based on your Reward Card and the product you have registered, fill up further information as instructed. Subsequent step involves verification of your identity as per the given data.
  • In the last step, you need to create a username and password.
  • Confirm the account credentials and submit them.

You have successfully enrolled for the online transaction of Reward Card.

Accessing Walmart Capital One account

Apart from the online transaction, enrolment also enables you to check the reward points card balance, account statement, transaction history and many more from the same portal.  Further, you can also report for any unauthorized transaction, lost or stolen card or any other suspicious activities. To access all these features, you need to login to your account in  Walmart Capital One Portal.

Sign In

  • Enter your
  • Enter password.
  • Tick on Remember Me if you wish to save your credentials for future use.
  • Click on Sign In.

You are ready to access online features of Capital One Walmart Reward Card once and for all

How to reset forgotten username and password

  • Open the browser and visit
  • Click on Forgot Username or Password
  • Complete the verification by entering your last name on the card.
  • Enter the Social Security Number.
  • Select your Date of birth’s month, day and year from the dropdown list.
  • Click on Find Me.
  • The system would auto-populate your account details. Follow the instruction to set up a new username or password (whichever required).
  • Later, return to the login page and access using newly set credentials

Contacting Capital One Walmart Help Desk

By Call

  • Within the USA and Canada

Call 1.888.925.6218.

  • Outside the USA and Canada

Call 1.647.788.2929

  • Special superfast emergency helpline

Call 1-877-383-4802 (In case of an unauthorized transaction, stolen, lost card or immediate concerns).

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Department wise Concern

Have any specific query, request or complaint regarding Capital One products and banking service?  Refer to this link Identify your query or concern department wise from the list below. Select the department. You will be provided with the relevant communication channels.

Chat Service

In case, you are facing any issue, during enrolment, sign-in or resetting credentials, click on Need help, let’s chat icon below the form. Chat with the representatives and have your doubts cleared.

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