How to Activate a Virgin Money Credit Card: Step-by-Step Guide

Virgin Money Credit Card Activation & Login

Virgin Money Credit Card Activation will give you access to unlimited features.

I’m sure by now, you already know of the outstanding benefits, features, and rewards enjoyed by the holders of this credit card.

This is only possible after you apply for Virgin Card.

You can Activate your Virgin Money Credit Card either online, via mail, or in person. However, you need to activate it first to start taking benefits from it. This will help to unlock the card’s full card features and benefits.

I’ve written this article to help you enjoy the full benefit of the Virgin Card by activating Virgin Money Credit Card. Therefore, this article will guide you through the Virgin Card Activation process.

How do I Activate my Virgin Money Credit?

When it comes to Ways to Activate Virgin Money Credit, you have the following options to start with

  • Virgin Money Credit CardActivation Online
  • Activate Virgin Money Credit Card via the phone number

It’s upon you, through which way, you want to finish your Virgin Money Credit Card Activation.

Activate a Virgin Money Credit Card

Requirements for Virgin Money Credit Card Activation

How do I Activate My Virgin Money Credit Card Online?

Activating your Virgin Money Credit Card online the easiest and simplest way you can activate it without going through the hassle.

To successfully activate your card, follow the steps listed below –

  • Go online to the Virgin Money Credit Card activation link from here –
  • Locate and select  “SIGN IN / REGISTER CREDIT CARDS”.
  • Enter the Customer ID and log into your Virgin Money online account.
  • Then, locate activate a new card option available there.
  • Enter the last 6 digits of your registered mobile number and an alternate or current home phone number.
  • Now, You will be asked, “if you liked to activate your card now? Yes/No.”
  • Select Yes and enter the My Virgin Money Credit Card.
  • Double-check all the details and submit your request to activate the card.
  • Congrats! start taking its benefits!

My Virgin Money Credit Card Activation via Phone

  • Dial the My Virgin Money Credit Card Activation at 0800 011 3210 or +61 2 8225 0838.
  • When you get connected, provide your My Virgin Money Credit Card details along with the personal identity as instructed by the instructor.
  • Listen to the terms and conditions and agree with them to proceed.
  • Follow the ordered instruction very carefully to finish your My Virgin Money Credit Card Activation.

Upon completion of this process, your Virgin Money Credit Card will be activated and is ready to use!

Customer Care Service Support Lines

  • For declined credit card transactions and Verified by Visa, call: (Foreign operator number) then request +61 2 8225 0838.
  • While for customer service, please call: (foreign operator number) then request +61 2 8288 2222.
Check Card Activaton Guide

Virgin Credit Card Activate Wrap Up

So, this how easily you can finish your Virgin Credit Card Activation.

If still have any questions regarding How Do I Activate my Virgin Credit Card, tell us by commenting below.

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What are the steps to activate a credit card?

Instructions for Activating a Credit Card Through Online Banking
Check out the bank’s webpage for more information.
Utilize the credentials you’ve established for online banking to log in to your account.
To activate your card, go to the homepage and click the “Card Activation” link.
Please enter your date of birth, as well as the card number and the expiration date.
After you have entered your information, click the “Submit” button.

How can I activate my credit card without calling?

Alternatives to Making a Phone Call in Order to Activate Your Credit Card
Activate the card by logging into your online account on the website of the issuer. The majority of card issuers maintain a specialised activation page, and when they mail you your card, they will provide you with a link to that page.
Make use of the mobile app provided by the issuer…
You need to physically go into a branch and ask the teller to activate your card for you.

Do credit cards activate immediately?

In most cases, after a new credit card has been activated it will be ready to use for purchases immediately.

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