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How to Log In for an Opal Card :

To Log In for an Opal Card, follow the guidelines:

  • Go to the main authoritative website of Opal Cards.
  • You can also tap the link given
  • On the landing page, click on the “Tickets and Opal” and then select “Manage Opal Card”.
  • Now on the “Manage your Opal Card” page, put your “Username or Email ID” and “Password”.

Opal card Login

  • Then tap on the “LOG IN” bar below to into your Opal Card account.

How to Apply and get Registered for an Opal Card

To Apply and get Registered for an Opal Card, go with the following steps below:

  • Move to the “Manage your Opal Card” page following the login
  • Here on the page you will find and tap on the “Create Account”
  • On a deferred new page, you will find 2 (two) options of “I have an Unregistered Opal Card” and “I do not have an Opal Card”.
  • Now by clicking on the “I have an Unregistered Opal Card”, you have to put your Card number, Security Code, Your Nickname (If Any or Optional), and click the “SUBMIT” bar below.
  • And by tapping on the “I do not have an Opal Card” you will be on the “Choose an Opal Card” page, here you have to select your Opal Card as per your need and then ORDER and APPLY for the same.

How to Activate an Opal Card :

Opal cards are first started in late 2012, as a contactless fare collecting method for Public Transport. It is mainly operated in the areas of greater Sydney territory and maximum metropolitan areas of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. The activity of the Opal framework is completely controlled by the New South Wales Government’s transport authority, which is known as Transport for NSW. Opal card is legitimate on the Transport for NSW’s Light Rail, Buses, Rail, and ferry services that work in Sydney and the adjoining, Hunter Region, Central Coast Blue Mountains, Illawarra and Southern Highland zones in Australia. Opal Cards tool was planned from the beginning to help the people and communities of New South Wales (NSW), Australia to make their public transport fare payment system simple and to make their life easy going.

Within the Opal system, Opal cards are the standard technique for paying transport fares. The card looks like a traditional Credit Card which has a microprocessor chip and internal Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) aeronautical, permitting the card to connect digitally with users. The micro-processor empowers cash worth to be stacked onto the card, and also allows recording the journey details and the proper fare to be deducted from the deposited value on the card. Travellers can “Tap On” and “Tap Off” any services at the time when they are travelling on a public transport network. Additionally, Opal cards can be utilized to pay for travel fares on some selected third party travel services through a facility called Opal Pay.

Getting around on public vehicle has been made simple by Opal. To travel anyplace from the Goulburn to Scone or Blue Mountains to Bondi, all you required is an Opal card. Opal cards are basically smartcard tickets that you use, do top-up’s, and use the card again to pay for public vehicle travelling. Just add cash to your Opal card and utilize the benefit, travelling on the buses, metro, ferries, trains, and light rail – travel anyplace inside the Opal network.

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How to Activate an Opal Card :

To Activate an Opal Card, you need to follow the below-stated steps:

  • Firstly, you have to Log In” for the Opal account.
  • Go to the Opal Card page and select your card (Which you have already received).
  • Here you will find an “Activate Card” option link over your new Opal Card.
  • Now you have to click on the link, and put down your “Card Number” and also enter the “Security Number” which is printed on the backside of your Opal Card.
  • At the time of ordering the card, if you added money on the card, just tap on after 60 minutes and within 60 days (from the date of your Account Opening) to transfer the balance into your selected Opal card.

Please Note: After you have Activated your Opal Card, you have to wait for a minimum of 60 minutes for the balance to become available. After that you will be required to tap on an “Opal Reader” within 60 days from the date of your activation, to Transfer the Balance into your Opal Card.

Guidelines for – How to get an Opal card

Depending on which Opal card you required, there is a various ways to get an Opal card. If you are an Adult and Child or Youth Opal Cards are available through the counters of Opal Retailers, which also includes the News Agents and Convenience Stores, while if you are applying for the concession cards then you must Apply Online. The cards will be delivered to a valid Australian address within 5 to 7 working days.

There are no such fees for an Opal Card, however a nominal top-up value of $20 is needed for an Adult Card or $10 is required for a Child or Concession Card, you can apply for these cards at the Retailers or during the utilization of Top-Up Machines. During the time of online Top-up, an amount of $10 for adult and $5 for child or concession are required.

As an alternative method, you can also use the contactless payments system to travel with an Adult Opal card. Additionally, a purchase can be made of Opal Single Trip tickets, although the prices are much higher and expensive than utilizing a general Opal Card and it is to be noted that some stations, stops and dockyards do not sell them.

How to Block a Lost or Stolen Opal Card :

In case your registered Opal card is lost or stolen, report it immediately and block the card by following the below-given instructions.

If you have any additional Opal Card linked with your account you can transfer the balance of the blocked Opal Card to the other card.

  • Firstly, get “Log In” to your Opal Card account using your “Username” and “Password”.
  • On the card page, select the Opal Card you want to Block.
  • Now select and tap on the “Manage” tab and then press the option “Block this Opal Card”.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen prompts to Block the Opal Card Permanently.

Please Note: The card will be blocked permanently and with immediate effect, but your account balance will be kept protected. If you later find it, you won’t be able to use it anymore. You can’t block an unregistered Opal Card.

How to Get a New Opal Card after Lost or Stolen Card :

You can get Opal Cards (Adult or Child or Youth) from any Opal Retailer and connect the new card to your online account.

On the Opal website, you can place the order of Gold Senior or Pensioner Opal Cards and Concession Cards. Within 5 (five) to 7 (seven) working days a brand new card will be mailed to you. In the meantime, to make a contactless payment you can make use of an Adult Opal card.

After receiving another Opal Card, you will be required to contact Opal Customer Care to make a request to transfer the balance from your blocked card to your new Opal Card.

Various Cards offered by Opal Card :

There are several cards offered by the Opal card organization. Those are:

  • Adult Opal Cards – If your age is 16 years or older and you are able to pay full fare you can apply for this Opal Card.
  • Opal Cards for Child and Youth– To apply for this Opal Card your age should be of 4 (four) to 15 (fifteen) years old, OR you are a full-time NSW or ACT School Student with 16 (sixteen) years of age to be Eligible.
  • Concession Opal Cards – You can apply for this card if you are an eligible Job Seekers, Tertiary Students, Centrelink Customers, and Apprentices and Trainees etc.
  • Gold Senior and Pensioner Opal Cards – This card can be used by eligible Asylum Seekers, Pensioners, NSW seniors, Interstate Seniors, and Pensioners etc.
  • School Opal Cards – This card is primarily for Primary and Secondary school students in New South Wales (NSW), Australia who are eligible for Free or Concession travel for going to school and return from school. This facility of school travel scheme is available through School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) and School Drive Subsidy (SDS).
  • Free Travel Opal Cards – Veteran persons with a disability, widowers, widows and dependent children’s who have lost their parents are eligible to use this Opal Card benefit. Additionally, you can also apply for a New South Wales (NSW) Companion Card and / or an Assistance Animal Permit to be eligible for free travel along with you as a supporting hand during the travel. New South Wales (NSW) residents with permanent and severe disabilities can also be eligible for subsidised taxi fares, those who are unable to utilize the public transport.
  • Contactless Payments – This system allows you to pay for your travel in a quick, easy and convenient way on the public transport within the Opal network. If you possess a Visa Card or Master Card or Debit Card or an American Express (AMEX) Card or a proper digitally linked device, you can utilize it to pay your fare on public transport simply by Tapping On and Tapping Off at Opal Readers for your comfortable journey.

Contact Details:

Opal Transport Customer Service Centre (Sydney CBD) – The Grand Concourse at Central Station (Monday to Saturday 8 am to 6 pm and Sunday and Public Holidays 9 am to 5 pm)

Opal Transport Customer Service Centre (Sydney CBD) – Opposite of Wharf 5 at Circular Quay on Alfred Street (Monday to Saturday 8 am to 6 pm and Sunday and Public Holidays 9 am to 5 pm)

Phone Numbers:

Customer Care Service (Call): 13 -67 -25 (13 OPAL)

Public Transport Enquiries and Feedback (Call): 131 -500

Reference Link:

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