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SMG 360 Reporting Client Online Account Access

Service Management Group provides its customers the SMG 360 Reporting Portal to obtain the current date at any time, anywhere access to relevant information in order to provide and enhance customer insight throughout their businesses. 

The portal is accessible from any device with internet connectivity, at any time, without limitation on the quantity of data or the number of users

SMG 360 Reporting Client Online Access SMG 360 Reporting Client Online Access is designed to provide effortless reading and effortless reporting.

It comes with easy-to-read and customizable dashboards, powerful report-building capabilities, and detailed text analytics that allows the users to take action or make the necessary changes to enhance their business.

Service Management Group Inc. SMG, also called SMG is a top client experience management company offering technologies and services to collect, analyze and share feedback as well as behavioral data. 

SMG provides services to customers all over the globe and offers marketing solutions along with measuring customer experience engagement of employees’ social monitoring, publication, and research on brands.

How to Login SMG 360 Reporting Client Account Online

With user-friendly navigation and intuitive visualization of live data, SMG 360 Reporting gives the users the ability to customize their view of their data using a role-based model, as well as well-constructed analysis and perspective information. 

The program also offers users an easy, web-based as with a tablet and phone-friendly interface for all their reporting needs, including extra features such as maps of locations. 

If you’re such an SMG customer, you may follow these steps to log in with Your Client Access account using an internet browser.

    • Visit the reporting portal SMG 360.
    • Input your Username and Password for your SMG Account in the appropriate fields in the “Client Access box.

smg reporting login

    • Hit”Log In” or click on the “Log Log In” button.

    Once you have logged into SMG 360, once you have logged in to the SMG 360 site, you are able to use the user-friendly features and tools that allow you to access your data, share it email, export and print reports directly from the dashboard, and much other.

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    How to Retrieve SMG 360 Online Client User Login Details for Accounts

    SMG 360 Reporting provides you access to online customer satisfaction surveys and other useful information about the program. If you encounter an issue connecting to SMG 360 Reporting on your Service Management Group Account to access the service, you can retrieve your login credentials self-serving in just a few steps. To begin the process on the internet, you’ll be required to

    • Go to SMG 360 Reporting Website. SMG 360 Reporting Website,
    • Simply click on”Forgot Password” or click on the “Forgot Username or Password” button below in the Client Access Login box.
    • After logging into the SMG Reporting Login Assistance page, choose your choice among the “Forgot My Username” and “Forgot My Password” buttons according to your needs.
    • Enter the details of your Username as well as your Email Address in accordance with your preference
    • Hit”Submit” and then click the “Submit” click and go through the steps that are prompted by the system to download the information you want.

    An email will be automatically sent to you after you have completed all steps to verify that you’re now able to login into SMG Client Account. SMG Client Account online and gain accessibility for SMG 360 Reporting.

    SMG Contact Details

    If you require assistance, please contact SMG Support Center by visiting and providing the relevant details about your query.

    Service Management Group US Phone Number: 1-800-764-0439

    Physical Address:

    1737 McGee Street

    Kansa City MO 64108


    33 Arch Street, 17th Floor

    Boston, MA 02110


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