RAK Card Activation | Activate RAK Debit Card

Activate RAK Card | RAK Card Activation

Activate your Debit Card is an important process for all customer of RAK Debit Card. If you recently get your RAK Debit Card then you need to complete your Debit Card Activation. Here you will get information related to RAK Bank Credit Card Activation and RAK Bank Debit Card Activation.

The customer needs more attention to the Activation Debit card. I suggest you that read this post carefully you will find a solution for Activating Debit Card.

The customer you can get relief from carrying money while shopping and traveling. The customer expected to go throughout the whole post in order to collect Key Bank Card Activation information. The customer you need to follow the following steps and complete your Debit Card Activation.

RAK Bank is providing many financial services to their customer. If you want to use any financial services then first Activate your RAK Bank Debit Card. More people have not information about how can i activate my rak debit card so this the best place of their people. Also here we are providing to you rak bank credit card customer care number details.

Activate your RAK Debit Card Via Phone/ SMS

RAK Bank Debit Card Activation

Activate RAK Debit Card | RAK Debit Card Activation

RAK banks offer according to Debit Card facility as per their account balance to their customers. RAK Bank provides different financial services and different cards to their customer.

By using a RAK Debit Card you will get many benefits like a bonus, discount, cash back, gifts etc. To learn about RAK Bank Debit Card activation or for Activate RAK Debit Card follow the following Debit Card Activation Methods.

Available way to Activate RAK Bank Debit Card.

  • Activate Bank Debit Card Via Phone

Activate RAK Bank Debit Card Via Phone [SMS]

RAK Bank Debit Card Activation via SMS is very useful and quick way for the Debit Card Activation. The customer you need to complete  RAK Bank Debit Card Activation first by the following steps. So keep your personal identification and Debit Card information on hand. now, follow the following steps.

  1. Call at 600 54 4049 and you will get a PIN and RAK Bank Card or Islamic cardholder can contact on 600 54 0044 with their 6-digit activation code.
  2. Now, you get a 6-digit activation code from sending an SMS to 4595 from their mobile number registered with the Bank.
  3. Let’s type an SMS in the following format in order. The format is ACT <first 4 digits of Card number> <last 4 digits of Card number> and send it on 4595.
  4. Now, The 6-digit activation code will be sent you by SMS and code will valid for only 30 minutes.
  5. Call 971 4 213 00 00 to get your activation code ( If you do not belong to UAE ).
  6. After you loaded you need to set up the preferred 4-digit PIN After simply sending an SMS to 2737 in the following format.
  7. The customer you needs to type SMS in the following format. The format is like these 100 <your Card ID> <your selected 4-digit PIN>
Check Card Activaton Guide

Rak Bank Customer if you facing any trouble with Activating Debit card then Call RAK Customer Service. If you are not the getting solution after calling the comment us below. we are happy to help you. For more Bank Debit Card Activation visit our official site. Thank you for visiting here.

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