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by cclogin
October 22, 2021

How to Browse Your Local Offers at OfferUp Platform :

OfferUp is a mobile app through which the sellers can sell all types of items including, electronics, clothing, furniture, or even vehicles locally without paying any charges. This platform was started in 2011 and now they earn around $60 million a year. They have the overall worth of over $1 billion. You can access the OfferUp app is available on iOS and Android devices.

How Does OfferUp Works :

OfferUp is very similar to the other apps in the market. Just take a goo phone of your product and upload it with a short description. Make sure to include a suitable title of your product.

After you done publishing, the potential buyers will contact you about the item. Through the OfferUp communication service, you can communicate with these potential buyers to avoid being scammed.

Once the product is sold, buyers will get the chance to leave a rating to you and you are allowed to do the same. So, please make sure to provide accurate information and excellent service when you are selling.

How to Browse OfferUp :

OfferUp is a great place to browse the stubs that are selling in your area. You can use the Search Bar located at the top of the screen of OfferUp app. You have to set up your city and state at the right of the search bar. You have to type the name of the item on the search bar and you will get the detailed list of offers from sellers.

There on the left side of the website, you will get the category list that will help you with you browsing and find items faster. Each picture that you will get there, has some brief information about the item and the seller.

Item Details:

The product has a headline title and a brief description advertising the item to give you some idea about the product. If the seller sells more items, then you will get that item underneath that page.

local offers at offerup

OfferUp Fees for Sellers

OfferUp does not charge any fees to the sellers or buyers for selling or buying a product from their platform. But they charge you if you opt in to push your listing to the top of the page via their Promote and Promote Plus features. For the Promote Plus subscription, you will be charge $19.99 for 1 month.

Offers recommend you to accept cash from the buyers, so you can stay away from the scams. Because most of the scammers uses the cashier checks, personal checks, or other means to scam you.

Also, if the buyers not live in your area, the you can ship your item to the buyers through the OfferUp. For that, the OfferUp charges a minimum fee of $1.99 or 12% of the sales price.

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How Does OfferUp Make Money?

As we already mentioned, OfferUp does not charge any fees to the buyers or the sellers. They mainly earn money from the promotions for ads and the shipping commission that they get from the items shipped. They display certain ads from the other retails on their site and earn money from that.

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