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NC Tracks Online Account Access

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services or N.C. DHHS offers the health care professionals as well as consumers with users the NC Tracks Web Portal to login and access details for purposes that are approved. 

The service allows users and providers to verify their status with regard to their claim, as well as access payment details data; find out more about different insurance and health programs and more, all anytime, any device that is connected to the internet.

NC Tracks NC Tracks is a part of the multi-program North Carolina Medicaid Management Information System and offers details and forms that assist with the Division of Health Benefits, Division of Mental Health, Development Disabilities, Substance Abuse Services, Division of Public Health as well as Office of Rural Health and Community Care clients with their various benefits plans. 

NC Tracks processes health care claims for 70,000 of the enrolled DHHS providers who serve more than a million North Carolina citizens.

How to Login NC Tracks Online Account

The approved providers and users of the NC Medicaid Management Information System can access NC Tracks, the NC Tracks service information, and announcements regarding the availability of their Medicaid, Health Choice, Public Health, Community Care services, and also the private enrollment, eligibility, and other health information and coverage.

The users must also have an NCID account because only through NCID Login they are able to access NC Tracks Web Portal. 

If you’re an eligible person you are able to follow the steps below to sign in to Your NC Tracks Online account to avail the benefits of these resources and services.

  • Visit NC Tracks official website,
  • Click on “Providers” as well as “Requirement” according to your eligibility, at the top left of the Homepage.
  • When you are on the appropriate page, click on the upper right-hand side and click on “NCTracks Secure Portal” in the event that you are a service provider and “NCTracks Recipient Portal” in the event that you are an individual consumer.
  • You can directly go to the general NC Tracks Login Web Portal at
  • Enter Your NCID username and password into their fields. Passwords are case-sensitive , so be sure to type it in a precise manner.

NCTracks Login

    • Select”Login” or click on the “Log Log In” button.

    Because NC Tracks uses NCID username and password for access to the portal and you’ll be required to retrieve your NCID Login in case you encounter issues logging in to NC Tracks.

    How to Sign Up for an NCID Online account

    NC Tracks Web Portal NC Tracks Web Portal needs the state-wide universal North Carolina Identity (NCID) Login credentials that allow users to access the system and gain access to the contents. 

  • NCID is the most popular identity management service providing local, state citizens, businesses, and users with an enhanced level of security and instantaneous access control to the state’s user-based application and data. If you don’t possess an NCID Account You can self-register it online. To start with the process of registration click here.

    • Go to the NCID Login site at
    • Simply click on the “Register” “Register” link that is located at the bottom right area of your login area in the center of the page.
    • Choose the type of your account in two categories: both business and individual. (State personnel and government workers from local authorities are not permitted to use NCID auto-registration).
    • Select the desired user name and then fill out a quick form that includes some basic information about you i.e. prefix initial middle initial, last name, suffix.
    • Fill in your contact information via your email address. verifying your email address, and your mobile number.
    • Create a password that has to be at least 8 characters long and includes at minimum four of the five characters e.g. uppercase, lowercase symbols, languages characters. Keep in mind that your password must not contain your username, name commonly used words, a frequently used combination of characters or one of them.
    • Enter the new password to verify.
    • Hit the “Continue” button.

    The code is delivered via email within only a couple of minutes. Click on the link to confirm your NCID account and finish your sign-up.

    If you don’t receive an email, ensure that the message was not flagged as spam and is not being sent into the trash folder. 

  • If this is the case, transfer the message to your inbox to complete the verification of your account. For the best, before beginning the self-registration of your NCID Account, ensure that you set up to accept messages from [email protected]

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    How to unlock NCID Online Account and Retrieve Login Information

    For the NC Tracks Web Portal as along with NCID users who’ve lost their login credentials or whose password is blocked, are able to utilize NCID’s North Carolina Identity Management Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) to resolve the issue and gain access to the account. To unlock your NCID account or to reset the password, you’ll be required to

    • Visit NCID Login Portal,
    • Select”Unlock Account” or “Unlock Account” or “Forgot Password” button from”Order Login”. Click on the “NCID Login” button. Enter the Username that is associated with the account.
    • If you are unsure of your username, simply click the “Forgot Username” link to enter your name, first name, and email address to the NCID profile.
    • Click the “Search” or “Search” link and go through the instructions to reset your password, or unlock the account, or find your forgotten NCID user name.

    Be aware that the NCID Login Portal is timed out after 15 minutes of inactivity. Therefore, ensure that you finish your registration, login, or retrieval process without delay during the timeframe.

    Contact Info

    NC Tracks Web Portal is managed by CSRA The fiscal agent of NC Tracks. CSRA is the fiscal agent for the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

    CSRA Call Center Contact number: 800-688-6696 (Toll-Free)

    Fax: 855-710-1965

    Email Address: [email protected]

    Mailing Address:


    PO Box 300009

    Raleigh, NC 27622-8009

    Overnight or certified mail address:


    (Name for the CSRA department or employee)

    2610 Wycliff Road

    Suite 100

    Raleigh, NC 27607-3073


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