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Reload Hop Card and Check Hop Card Balance

Are you looking for a guide to reload and check your Hop card balance? If yes then you can find a guide here. The HOP Card is a reloadable card which is widely accepted at Auckland public transport services. The card is an electronic fare payment card which was brought into use in Auckland and uses the New Zealand dollar as currency. If you have been already using the Hop Card then you must be aware of its features and benefits. Else you can find its overview here.

You can check your Hop Card Balance using an internet-connected device. If you are a cardholder at the Reload Hop Card then you can sign in to your account to reload card and check balance. Read on to find a guide to the Reload Hop Card and check balance.

What is the Hop Card?

The Hop Card is an electronic fare payment which was released in two versions on the Auckland public transport services. It began in May 2011 and is a smart card which rolled out in the first phase of its introduction. It is an integrated ticketing and fares system. The card is commonly referred to as the purple Hop Card but was unfortunately discontinued in the year 2012.

What do you need to Log In?

Internet– The user is required to have an active internet connection for account access.

Private Device– One must have a private device such as a smartphone, computer or laptop. If you have a private device you can save passwords and have privacy.

Remember Password– You should remember your login credentials such as user id and password to access account.

How to Log into Hop Card

  • If you wish to log into Hop Card then you need to go to the website of Hop Card.

Hop Fastpass Transit Fare Card Sign In

  • Enter the email address and password in the white boxes and click ‘Sign In’.

Forgot Password

  • Any user who has lost password needs to click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link found at the right of the page.
  • Next, a webpage labeled ‘Forgot your Password?’ will open.
  • Enter the email address linked to your account and click the ‘Reset Password’ button.

How to Create an Account

  • If you have not yet created an account then you can set up an account at the website of Hop Card.
  • Go to the homepage of Hop Card and beside the ‘Sign In’ button there is a ‘Create Account’ link.

Hop Fastpass Transit Fare Card Apply

  • Click on it and there will be the ‘Create a Pop Account’ section at the right.
  • Enter the following information to create an account:
  1. Email address
  2. Confirm email address
  3. First name
  4. Last name
  5. Choose security question
  6. Security question answer
  7. Choose password
  8. Confirm password
  9. Choose a 4 digit PIN
  • Check the boxes below if you wish to agree to the terms and sign up for the riders club.
  • Click on the ‘Create Account’ button and you will be taken to the confirmation page.

How to Reload Card

  • If you wish to reload your card go to the homepage of Hop Card.
  • At the top menu, there is the ‘Reload Card’ button.

Hop Fastpass Transit Fare Card Reload Card

  • Click on it and a new page will open which asks you to sign in.
  • Sign in using an email address and password and you can reload your card.

How to Check Balance

  • If you wish to check card balance then open the homepage of Hop Card.
  • Click the ‘Check Balance’ button which is in the top menu next to the ‘Help’ button.
  • Or you can also go to the balance check page directly.
  • To check balance, enter the 16 digit Hop Card Number and Security Code in the respective spaces.

Check Your Hop Card Balance

  • Click on the ‘Check Balance/Time Remaining’ button and you are ready to go.

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Well, we think we have provided enough details on the Hop Card Balance check procedure. You can have a nice time checking balance and managing your Hop Card account.


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