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How to Log In for the My Fitness Pal Account:

If you simply wish to have greater accountability when it comes to your regular exercise regimen or are among those who are continuously trying to lose weight, then My Fitness Pal platform offers you a simple & effective way to track your online account, history of your workouts, points, burned calories, and many more in a single click.

The My Fitness Pal Company offers both paid Premium and a free model even for non-paying users, who can access the online account for many of My Fitness Pal’s most essential features after logging in. platform is always focused on making sure that you can log your meals as simply & quickly as possible. As the organization makes it easier for you, the more likely you are to stay on track, & the more likely you will succeed in your weight loss goals.

My Fitness Pal online website only needs its members to have a verified registered account to utilize the Application and as well as the Website. But Signing Up you will require a little more than an E-mail Address and a Password.

How to Log In for the My Fitness Pal Account:

My Fitness Pal Log In program provides a lot of essential features to support you to stay on track with your fitness goals. The website also makes it simple for you to communicate and connect with other members of the gym, and discuss various workout issues that you may have while working out. You must give My Fitness Pal a try, if in case you are a gym owner as the website can help you to increase your revenue & grow your business, by allowing you to earn more from your customers.

To Log In or Sign In for the My Fitness Pal Account, follow through these below-given steps:

  • First of all, you will need to visit the official website of My Fitness Pal.
  • You can also tap on the link given
  • Here, on the landing webpage, you need to tap on the “Log In” option in the upper-right corner of the screen.

myfitnesspal login

  • Now deferred on the next page, you have to enter the “E-mail Address” and “Password” associated with your online account.
  • At Last, you can access your account by tapping on the “Log In” tab below.

    You won’t need to re-enter your Log In credentials every time you visit the website if on the login webpage, you put a “Check Mark” on the box requesting your login information to be remembered.

 Log In to My Fitness Pal Account on an iPhone:

  • Primarily, you have to tap on the “My Fitness Pal Application” icon to open the app on your device’s home screen.
  • Now by tapping on the “Log In” icon, on the provided fields, put down your associated “E-mail Address” and “Password”.
  • Then by tapping on the “Log In” tab you will be taken to your personalized My Fitness Pal home screen.

Log In to My Fitness Pal on Android Phone:

  • Firstly, download and open the “My Fitness Pal Application” on your smartphone.
  • Now, on the app’s landing page by tapping on the “Log In” icon, you are required to enter your “E-mail Address” and “Password”.
  • Afterward, choose to tap on the “Log In” tab to get into your account.

How to fix your Log In problems for the My Fitness Pal Application:

If you are facing any kind of issues logging into your online My Fitness Pal Account for any reason, then you can try logging in through an alternative method to see if there’s any problem.

For example, if you are viewing a message showing “Invalid User Name or Password” on the Android or iOS application, then you must try utilizing the same login credentials on the website to see if you are still having the same issue. In case if you are facing the same kind of issue, you must then go for resetting your password by tapping the appropriate option on the My Fitness Pal Log In screen.

How to Sign Up or Register for the My Fitness Pal Programme:

Several experiments have confirmed that there are various advantages of keeping track of the food you eat & the activity you do. It’s simple – the more likely you are to lose weight, you will need to track more consistently the food you intake.

That’s why several successful management programs for weight control suggest that you should always keep a food diary and /or an activity log. But keeping track of everything you eat without the perfect tools can be tedious at best, or can be simply impossible at worst.

After you are Registered, Logging in to your My Fitness Pal Account, will just take a few seconds, whether on the website or one of its mobile applications. To Sign Up or Register for the My Fitness Pal Programme, just go through the below guidelines carefully:

  • Move on to the official website of
  • On the landing page, you will easily find the “Sign Up” link to tap on.
  • If you are on the mobile application, then you may click the link to “Sign Up” along with your E-mail Address or with your existing Facebook Account.
  • Here you will have to Sign In to your Facebook account if you have selected the Facebook Sign Up option.
  • My Fitness Pal will automatically fetch your Facebook information upon Signing Up for its services.
  • If you have selected the “E-mail Sign Up” option, then you will have to make a “User Name”, input (which is your present E-mail Address), & choose a “Secure Password” and then you can simply tap on to the green coloured “Continue” button below.
  • Additionally, after that on the next page, you need to input information like your Present Weight, Targeted Weight, Height, Gender, Date of Birth (DOB), Country, Zip or Postal Code, Daily Activity, Weekly Exercise Regime, Energy Units (i.e. kcals or kjoules), etc.
  • In any circumstances, if you have already Registered or Signed Up for the My Fitness Pal program previously, then your pre-existing account information may have to be altered as required.
  • You might be asked to refer your close friends through an E-mail Address on the mobile application, you may select to do so or can tap on the “Skip” button to continue, without completing this task.
  • The information or statistics you have given here can be viewed on the “Your Suggested Fitness & Nutrition Goals”.
  • At last, by tapping on the “Get Started Now” button you can easily follow through the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

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How does the My Fitness Pal platform helps you:

The My Fitness Pal website is very simple to utilize is because it always learns from you. As all of us have a tendency to eat the same foods over & over again. always remembers the food you have eaten, & most often in the past, and the platform makes it easy for you to add your favorite foods again to your log. So, it’s become easier for you to track your meals.

Benefits of My Fitness Pal Account with FREE Membership:

  • The simplest way to utilize a food diary on the web, track what you eat with a few clicks
  • A searchable database of more than 300,000,000 food items
  • You can add your own foods & recipes at any time and build your own database
  • Avail the benefit of the free mobile application for iPhone & Android
  • My Fitness Pal website’s discussion forums let you share your own tips, learn from others, and make friends
  • A customized diet profile for your unique weight loss programs
  • No matter what diet you’re on, My Fitness Pal’s flexible system can support you with any diet such as the South Beach Diet, Atkins, and many more

How to Retrieve your My Fitness Pal Account forgot Password and User Name:

To Retrieve your My Fitness Pal Account forgotten password, you should go through the below instructions (please remember that you should always log in with your account associated E-mail Address and Password, not your User Name):

On the Web:

Primarily, you have to visit the official webpage of My Fitness Pal.

You can also directly tap on the link

Here, you have to put on your “E-mail Address” to receive a link to the webpage, where you can easily able to create your new password for your account.

On Mobile Apps:

Within the My Fitness Pal mobile application, on the “Sign In” screen of the app, you need to tap on the “Forgot Password” tab.

Then, on the next page, put down your “E-mail Address” which is already associated with your account, then you will receive an E-mail from the My Fitness Pal containing your “User Name” and along with the guidelines to “Reset your Password”. (Please make sure you select a password with a minimum of 6 (six) characters, and also remember to check your Spam Folder, if you have not received the E-mail).

Now you will need to log back into your My Fitness Pal account, after you have created your new password, you will require your “E-mail Address” and your “Password”. You won’t require your User Name, it is only for your reference purpose.

While Sinning In into your account, you have to make sure that you put on the “E-mail Address” associated with the account, & your “Password” only.

In any circumstances, if you do not receive your Password retrieve E-mail, then please remember to get in touch with the My Fitness Pal Customer Support Team by tapping on the “Send Us an E-mail” on the Help webpage, or clicking on “E-mail Us” just at the bottom of the FAQ webpage of My Fitness Pal mobile application.

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