– Hawk Marketplace My InteliSpend Account Login

Hawk Marketplace My InteliSpend Account Login

Blackhawk Network provides its prepaid and gift card holders with a secure and safe login site, My InteliSpend, to access their online account using Hawk Incentives and use all of the benefits and features available within it. 

The site provides authorized users a variety of electronic services, including access to information about their account, managing purchases, activate cards, as well as other related services. The site also allows users to the services as component of a cost-effective program or an actual reward, loyalty or promotion program.

Hawk Marketplace Hawk Marketplace InteliSpend website is managed and owned by Hawk Incentives and its affiliates. The registered users are granted access that is non-transferable and restricted to the website to get information about products and marketing materials , and to make other transactions that relate to the account, as the service allows periodically through this platform.

How to Login Hawk Marketplace My account at InteliSpend Online

To access all information in Hawk Marketplace InteliSpend as well as gain access to all tools and services you’ll need to be able to have the Blackhawk Network Online Access login details in order. Once you have that, you will be able to follow the next steps to access the portal.

  • Visit Hawk Marketplace’s My InteliSpend portal on the web
  • Enter your personal identification number which you use to log in to the Blackhawk Network website in the Username field.
  • In the next section enter your password, the personal identification number that is made up of a mixture of numbers and letters.
  • Hit on the “Log Log In” button to gain access the account. Hawk Marketplace Log in to your My InteliSpend Online Profile.

Once you’re logged in, you are able to place an order, change your information or check the status of the order and more. - Hawk Marketplace My InteliSpend Account Login – Hawk Marketplace My InteliSpend Account Login

How to Find Hawk Marketplace Online Login Information to your Hawk Marketplace Online Account

Members of the My InteliSpend Online Account users of Hawk Marketplace, who have lost their login credentials are able to retrieve their usernames or reset their passwords to gain access to their account once more. To do this, they be required to

  • Visit your Hawk Marketplace My InteliSpend login page at
  • Select”Forgot Password” or “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” link below the entry fields, based on the requirements you have set.
  • Enter the Username when you want to reset the passwords as well as Email Address to locate the Username on the next section.
  • Hit”Submit” to submit your request “Submit” click to continue.

If you input the details correctly and correctly, your password will then be sent to the email address provided, or you will be prompted to change your password or create a new password to gain access to the account.

Web Browser requirements

To get the most out from the Hawk Marketplace My InteliSpend online portal, users have to utilize the below browsers and screen readers.

Windows: JAWS and Internet Explorer or NVDA and Firefox

VoiceOver and Safari on Mac VoiceOver and Safari

Mobile: VoiceOver for the iPhone and TalkBack for the Android device.

Information About Blackhawk Network

Blackhawk Network Holding Inc. is a privately-held firm and is among the largest third-party suppliers of prepaid credit card and payment services to customers of its content suppliers and points of retail distribution. It provides a wide range of distinctive and appealing valued products and content like gift cards, e-gifts or e-codes as well as reloadable prepaid card, cash-back cards cash-based payment solutions, and the prepaid telecom.

InteliSpend was an initiative of American Express and Maritz Inc. formed in 1997, was purchased by Blackhawk and is now a business unit within the business.

Contact Info

If you have any questions about Blackhawk Network and its products or services, please contact us via one of the methods for communication listed below.

Customer Service Email Address: [email protected]

Blackhawk Network HQ Address:

6220 Stoneridge Mall Road

Pleasanton, CA 94588

Telephone #: 925-226-9990

Fax: 925-226-9083


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