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Octapharma Plasma Prepaid Debit Card Login

Octapharma Plasma donors are provided with the Prepaid MasterCard Card for receiving their cash after every successful plasma donation in a simple and easy method. 

In addition to being paid for the specific donation, any extra cash they earn from various promotions that are run by Octapharma Plasma Donations will be added to their Octapharma Plasma Prepaid Debit Card.

The amount you receive from every successfully completed Octapharma plasma donation is contingent on how long it takes to make the donation as well as other aspects. 

Additionally, the fees for donors can vary from each month, based on the location, or at a certain period of time to promote donors all through the year.

What exactly is Plasma Donation

Plasma, the fluid part that carries white and red blood cells within the human being, is comprised mostly of protein and water. Due to its protein-rich components plasma can be used to create a variety of life-saving medications to treat various rare, chronic, and inheritable diseases like hemophilia and other bleeding disorders and immune disorders as well as trauma and other.

Donating Plasma is secure. There are no or minimal negative side effects and no risk is involved with giving plasma. The procedure is like blood donation. Once your blood has been drawn through your vain of arm it is separated, placed in a container. The remaining fluids are returned to your body as plasmapheresis.

Plasma Donation Requirements

  • To donate plasma, donors must ensure that they
  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 66
  • You should be in good health and able to perform regular activities during the day.
  • At least weigh 110 pounds.
  • A healthy vein is present in the arm to draw blood
  • No piercings or tattoos, or permanent makeup within the last 12 months.

Octapharma Plasma Special Donor Promotion

Anyone who is eligible to donate to Octapharma Plasma Donation Centres that are located in over 24 different states throughout the United States. Each center has its own programs, promotions and the winners for donors, through which donors are able to earn more cash through additional bonuses, in addition to being compensated for every plasma donation. Some of these currently running Octapharma Plasma promotion options are shown below.

  • New Donor Promotion to earn up to $400 per month
  • Summer Adventure Promo to win $50 cash prize when you give 5X in July. (5 winners will be drawn at each center)
  • July Frequency Bonus for earning additional cash with multiple bonus possibilities. It is recommended to contact the local Octapharma plasma donation centre personnel to find out the current offers.

Once the first time plasma donation has been completed The donors will be presented with the Octapharma Plasma Debit card in order to be paid. The card is loaded with the required payment following you’ve successfully made a donation to plasma each time. Any bonus or additional funds is also automatically added onto Octapharma Plasma Card. Octapharma Plasma Card.

How do I Register to get Octapharma the Plasma Card online access

Octapharma Plasma Prepaid Debit Card users can control their card account online and gain access to all the benefits and features offered by Online Access Service. Online Access Service like check the balance, see the balance, monitor the card activities and much more using any web browser , 24/7.

To start your process online Octapharma Plasma Debit Card registration procedure, you must make sure you have your card available and follow the instructions below.

 Octapharma Plasma Prepaid Debit Card Login

  • Visit login.wirecard.com
  • Select”Register Your Card for Online Access “Register Your Card to gain online access” hyperlink below the login section, under “ACCESS AND MANAGE AN ACCOUNT’.
  • Enter the 16-digit code found on the back of the Octapharma plasma Prepaid Debit Card within the initial field on this page.
  • In the second section in the third field, enter the 3-digit security code that is on at the bottom of your credit card near the bottom on the panel for signatures.
  • Hit”Next” or click the “Next” button for a step forward to the next step.

Follow the steps on the screen. Enter the information requested. You will need to establish your own Username and Password and set up your Octapharma Plasma Prepaid Debit Card Online Account.

How to Sign In Octapharma the Plasma Debit Card Prepaid Online Account

Once you’ve successfully completed the Octapharma Plasma Prepaid Debit Card Online Access Registration procedure you will be able to log in to your account on the internet at any time any time and at any location to suit your needs. To login,

  • Visit this portal: Octapharma Plasma Credit Card online account Access website, login.wirecard.com
  • Input your Username as well as Password in the respective fields located in the middle right of the page.
  • The text you have provided should be typed in the location it is specified to ensure security
  • Select”Log In” or click the “Log in” button to sign in the credentials for your Octapharma plasma Prepaid Debit Card online account.

It is important to note that if you use your account first using a different device, you could be asked to provide additional proof to establish your identity. This protects your personal information from unauthorised access.

How to Retrieve the Octapharma account login Information

Customers with Octapharma Plasma Prepaid Debit Cardholders who’ve forgotten or lost the Online Access login credentials and consequently are unable to log in to their online account are able to retrieve your username and reset their password using the help provided at the page for login to get access back to the account.

to Retrieve Username

If you are having trouble login to Your Octapharma Plasma Prepaid Debit Card Online Account because of your username you are able to discover it on the internet. For this, you’ll be required to click”Forgot Password” on the “Forgot Username” link at the bottom of the field on the page for card login as mentioned earlier and then submit the following details.

  • The 16-digit number on your Octapharma Plasma Debit Prepaid Card (on one side of the card)
  • Three-digit Security Code (on the reverse of the card near the bottom of the signature area)
  • 5-digit Postal Code (on your card package)

Keep in mind that this recovery procedure is designed solely to get you the original Octapharma Plasma Card Online username back. If you don’t know the card’s number, then you’ll have to contact to the Customer Service department over the telephone.

To Reset Password

In order to reset your password You will need to click on the “Forgot Password” link at the bottom of the page at the bottom of your Octapharma Plasma card login page online and only enter two details i.e.

  • Username
  • and Postal Code

If you type them correct, your access authorization will be confirmed and the password reset mail will reach the email address that is associated to your Octapharma Plasma Card Online Card Account.

What is Octapharma

Octapharma Plasma Inc. is a US-based corporation that has more than 80 donation centres and 3500 employees throughout the US. It conducts tests and provides plasma for the production of plasma-based medications. 

The the parent company of Octapharma Plasma, is Octapharma AG privately held human protein producer which is among the biggest manufacturers of plasma-based products. The headquarters are located at Lachen, Switzerland, Octapharma was founded in 1983. It currently provides products to more than 113 countries.

Contact Info

If you encounter any issues while login on account Octapharma The Plasma Prepaid Card Online account contact the number located on the reverse of the card.

You can also contact the Customer Service Number at 1-800-439-968 to get assistance.

For a balance check to check your balance, report a lost or stolen card or to find more about the use to check your balance, call the number 866-326-8689 (US) and 800-774-6995 (Canada)



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