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by cclogin
December 24, 2019

Phillips Conoco 76 Credit Card Login 

Phillips Conoco 76 Credit Card offers its customers with online account login facilities. If you have the credit card inside your wallet you can set up access or sign in to your existing account online. Logging in is easy if you are aware of the procedure. 

However, ones who haven’t yet signed in could have a hard time looking out for the login link or may face any other issues. Hence, we have offered a step by step walkthrough of the credit card login procedure. Read on for steps to sign in, reset password and more. 

What is the Phillips Conoco 76 Credit Card Login 

Phillips Conoco 76 Credit Card Login is an online portal that allows the existing cardholders to sign into the credit card account. Logging in the cardholder will be able to view their account transaction history, make a payment, view remaining account balance, sign up for additional services and more. 

The credit card login lets the cardholders manage their finances without making a trip to the bank. To sign in you should have a few things handy. Here are the requirements to sign in. 

What are the requirements to Log in  

Account– The cardholder should have enrolled for online account management. 

Internet– A stable internet is required to operate the website of the Phillips Conoco 76 Credit Card. 

Login Credentials– You must remember your credit card login id and password at the time of signing in. 

Private Device– It is highly recommended that you use a private device so that you keep your financial information secure. 

How to Log into Phillips Conoco 76 Credit Card 

  • To sign into Phillips Conoco 76 Credit Card open the login page
  • Once the website opens there is the login widget at the left. 
  • Type in your User ID and Password in the white spaces. 
  • Click on the ‘Secure Login’ button below and you will be taken ahead to the account management console.

Drive Savvy Rewards Credit Card Login

Find User ID 

  • To recover user-id open the login homepage of the credit card. 
  • Now, look towards the bottom left of the sign-in section. 
  • There you will find a ‘Find User ID’ link. Click on it and the user id recover page opens. 
  • Enter the card number and ZIP Code in the white spaces. 
  • Tap on ‘Find User ID’ to find your user id. 

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Reset Password 

  • If you have lost password or wish to change it open the login homepage of the Phillips Conoco 76 Credit Card. 
  • Next look towards the bottom right of the login widget. 
  • There is the ‘Reset Password’ link. 
  • Click on it and a new page reading ‘Reset your Password’ opens. 
  • Provide the User ID and ZIP Code in the respective spaces. 
  • Now you can select a new password and return back to the login page. 

How to Register 

  • For new users, registration visits the login page. 
  • Scroll down and at the bottom of the sign-in widget there is the ‘Register’ button. 
  • Click on it and wait for the registration page to open. 
  • Enter the card number and billing zip code. 
  • On the next page, the user can set up the account. 

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Customer Service 

To connect with the help desk you can make use of any of the following methods. 

Call– 1-800-527-5476 

Mailing Address 

Consumer Services Department

P.O. Box 7200

Bartlesville, OK 74005 


Online account management is offered all 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Hence you can sign in anytime you wish. You can also download the Drive Savvy Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store. We hope you have a nice time logging into your credit card account.  



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