Kay Jewelers Credit Card Payment

Kay Jewelers Credit Card Payment – Login – Address – Customer Service

Do you need to make a Kay Jewelers credit card payment or log in to view your account statement and manage your accounts online? See below for payment options using this card.

If you’re thinking of applying to Kay Jewelers credit card, Kay Jewelers credit card, or simply want an option to finance a new purchase in jewelry read our article below to find out the way this card will work.

kay jewelers credit card payment

For online payment or manage your account use the link below to access get access to Kay Jewelers credit card login. There are also useful details about bill pay like the Customer Service number billing address and mailing telephone number.

Kay Jewelers Credit Card Payment

It is the Kay Jewelers credit card is issued by Kay Jewelers.

Pay online: Once you own this credit card, it’s an excellent idea to sign up to an account with Kay Jewelers online account service. The service gives you a range of options to manage your account. You can track your expenditure through online statements.

It is also possible to use the service to schedule single and automated bill payments and even enroll in paperless bill payment. To pay the Kay Jewelers credit card payment online, click”Pay online” or click “Pay Online” button below to log in, sign up and view your account statement, or control your accounts online.

Pay by Phone: The Kay Jewelers credit card payment phone number is 800-527-8029.

Pay by Post: The Kay Jewelers credit card payment addresses are: Kay Jewelers, PO Box 740425, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0425. Please write the Kay Jewelers account number on your payment. The account number will be within your bill.

To ensure that your Kay Jewelers payment is received in time, it is suggested to send your check at least five days before the due date indicated on your monthly statement of billing.

Pay in Store: No. At this time you cannot pay your Kay Jewelers credit card in stores.

Kay Jewelers Credit Card Customer Service: The Kay Jewelers credit card customer service number is 800-527-8029.

Kay Jewelers Credit Card

Kay Jewelers is the most well-known speciality jewelry brand across the United States, and for over a century, the business has provided customers with top quality jewelry and a gratifying customer service. There are more than 800 Kay Jewelers stores across the U.S., and together with main firm Signet Jewelers, this group is the largest retailer of jewelry worldwide.

Due to the popularity and size of Kay it’s no surprise that the company would give its customers credit via its personal Kay Jewelers Credit Card.

With the Kay credit card, which is available for all online or in-store purchases You can reduce the cost of your purchases and then pay them off over time using an APR. You can anticipate receiving specific financing options as well as exclusive cardholder benefits.

It is definitely a great store card for those with excellent credit scores since this card has rates of as lower as 5 percent in some states. However, as the most offered rate is 24.99 percent, the card is still accessible to many different applicants.

It does not charge an annual cost or minimum interest charges of $0-$1, late payments charges up to $35, and fees for returned payments that can be as high as $30.

The deadline for payment is the minimum period of 25 days. The terms are different for each state and you can visit Kay Jewelers’ website for more information. Kay Jewelers website for more specific information.

With this card , you can benefit from the 12 month no interest payment plan each time you buy of at least $500. This is a fantastic alternative to make expensive jewelry purchases less costly. A 20% down payment is required.

You have to make monthly installments of 1/12 1/12 of the amount you paid for. It is not a deferred-payment plan. The standard APR on your account will begin starting from the date of purchase if you fail to pay a bill or don’t complete the purchase before the expiration date of the plan’s payment period.

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Kay Jewelers Credit Card Payment FAQs

How do I make a payment to Kay Jewelers?

To pay or manage your card account, choose your card to begin.
  1. For Comenity Bank Cardholders. 855-506-2499. (TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788) …
  2. For Genesis Cardholders. 866-875-0891. kay.myfinanceservice.com.
  3. For Comenity Bank Cardholders. 855-703-4522. (TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788) …
  4. For Genesis Cardholders. 866-726-5617.

How do I pay my Kay Jewelers bill online?

Here’s how:
  1. Go to the Comenity Kay Jewelers Credit Card site. At the top of the page, click on the “Register for Access” icon. …
  2. After you’ve set up your online account, link a bank account.
  3. Once you’ve set up your bank account, you’re ready to make payments.

Who is Kay Jewelers credit card through?

Comenity Bank
Must have valid email address and U.S. mailing address. Credit card offers are subject to credit approval. KAY Jewelers Credit Card Accounts are issued by Comenity Bank or other lenders as applicable.

Can I use a Kay Jewelers Credit Card anywhere?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to use your Kay Jewelers credit card at other stores. It is a store credit card that is not affiliated with any major payment network. So it can only be used at Kay Jewelers stores.

Can you make payments on jewelry?

Thankfully, even if you don’t have much credit history, or are in the process of rebuilding your credit, you may be approved for affordable monthly payments with a credit jeweler. … Once you’re qualified, you can start making monthly payments and get the ring or other jewelry you want right away.

How do I check my Kay Jewelers balance?

Kay Jewelers Gift Card Balance
  1. Store Locator.
  2. Call 888-243-4333.
  3. Shop at Kay Jewelers.

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