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Are you looking to pay for payment with your James Free credit card payment or looking to log in to see your statement and manage your accounts online? James Free Credit Card Payment

This guide is here to provide you with the information you need – check below for your payment options. Do you want to make it easy to pay? For online payment or manage your account, simply follow the link on this page to the James Free credit card login. 

You will also find useful information about bill pay, such as the credit card customer service phone number and the address for payment mailers, and the billing number.

James Free Credit Card Payment

The James Free Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Financial Retail Financing. You can pay your account by post via phone, mail, or using the online payment option.

Pay Online: The web-based cardholder services provided by Synchrony Financial are an account management platform and a payment service. 

This means you’ll be able to stay current with your purchases and payments and also pay your bills. 

Payments made before 11:59 pm ET will be made to your account the same day, however, we recommend that you always pay your credit card bills in advance of their due dates. Automated payment services are also available. 

To complete payments with your James Free credit card payment online, simply click”Pay Online” below. Click the “Pay Online” button below to sign up, login and view your statement, and manage your credit card online.

Pay via phone: The James Free credit card payment phone number is 866-419-4096. You can also call the toll-free number on the back of your credit card. The cost of calling may be applicable.

Pay by Mail: The James Free Credit Card Payment address will be: Synchrony Financial, PO BOX 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061. Send checks or money orders. 

Review your statements for more information. Be sure to write your James Free account number on the back of your check. The account number is on your statement. 

To ensure that your James Free payment is received on time, we recommend that you mail your payment at least 5 business days prior to the due date that appears on your monthly billing statement.

Pay at Store: No. At the moment, you are unable to use your James Free credit card in stores.

James Free Credit Card Customer Service: The James Free credit card customer service number is 866-419-4096.

James Free Credit Card

The James Free Credit Card is a popular credit card made available through Synchrony Financial, that can assist you in bringing your latest jewelry purchase within reach. 

Credit cards with private labels are popular with jewelers, and James Free is just one of many jewelry stores that have partnered with retail finance companies to provide its customer’s credit and financing.

At 29.99 percent, the average purchase APR you get with the James Free Credit Card can be not anything special, in fact, it’s actually quite the opposite.

However, you don’t need to settle for this rate. Promotional financing opportunities are available, and with these, you can enjoy the 0% APR option for a deferred interest basis. 

This means that, according to the conditions of the promotional financing, you will pay no interest on the purchase provided that you pay each monthly re-payment in time and finish your purchase when you’re supposed to.

Stick by the agreement and you’ll pay no charges for the jewelry you purchase. For more details on the special payment options, make Contact with James Free Jewelers.

Credit Card Disclosures

The interest fee for the minimum (if you are charged any) amounts to $2. The due date is at least 23 days after the conclusion of each cycle of billing. The late payment/returned payment fee is up to $35.

About James Free Jewelers

James Free Jewelers has offered exquisite jewelry and luxurious items since the firm was founded in Ohio in 1940. 

They have a wide assortment of fine jewelry, timepieces, and diamonds from all over the world.

Their offerings are now accessible online and at their two retail locations.

The latest trends and styles are available, and their website offers helpful information via”Learning Lounge. “Learning Lounge”.

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James Free Credit Card FAQ

Is James free legit?

James Free’s is a legitimate company. They’ve been operating in Dayton for many years. They also have a store in Cincinnati.

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