Is discover card accepted in new zealand

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Discover is accepted as much as Diners Club, which is to say almost nowhere accepts it. He will need Visa or Mastercard. Report inappropriate content. NZMike57. Christchurch, New… Destination Expert. for South Island.

Credit Cards and Cash – Paying for stuff in New Zealand

Credit Cards & Charge Cards Bring your credit and charge cards – they are widely accepted throughout New Zealand. Those commonly used include American Express, Diners Club, Visa, MasterCard and Bankcard. Visa and MasterCard are more likely to be accepted by general merchants than American Express or Diners Club. All cards are accepted at major hotels and …

FAQ is discover card accepted in new zealand

Is Discover Card accepted everywhere?

Is Discover Card accepted everywhere? Discover is accepted nationwide by 99% of the places that take credit cards. 1 And internationally, the Discover Global Network offers acceptance in 200 countries and territories, and growing. Where can you use Discover Card?

Can I use my Discover Card in Asia?

In general terms, you can use your Discover card wherever you see the Discover or Diners Club International symbols displayed. However, in Asia, you can also use your card in outlets which show the Union Pay or JCB sign.

Which international credit cards are accepted in New Zealand?

Most international credit and charge cards are widely accepted in New Zealand, including American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa, plus the local Bankcard, which is also widely accepted in Australia.

Do I need to notify Discover Card opens before traveling international?

You should always notify Discover Card Opens modal dialog before traveling international. Letting us know you are traveling out of the country will help ensure uninterrupted use of your Discover Card. What should I do if my card is lost or stolen while traveling abroad?

Why I Have 2 Discover It Cards

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