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How to Change Your Name on a Credit Card | Discover

How do I change the name on my Discover card? Get started by either calling the number on the back of your card or sending a secure message after logging into your Discover card account. We recommend sending a secure message as it may negate the need to mail in copies of your identification.

Discover (Credit Card) Name Change Procedure | Easy Name …

30/11/2021  · Contact your credit card provider(s). Every company has slightly different procedures for how to change your name on a credit card. Many credit providers will take a request for a name change online or by phone. Some financial institutions may require you to come into a local branch office.

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How do I Change my Name on my Discover Visa card?

Simply login in to your Discover My Profile page in the Account Center and click on the Update Personal Information link. In order to change your name on your Visa card, you must contact the financial institution that issued the card. You will find the contact information for that financial institution on the back of the card.

How do I Change my Name on my credit cards?

First, changing your name on your credit cards should not be done until, AT A MINIMUM, you’ve already changed your name with the Social Security Administration, and your local DMV. Also, make sure you have already reviewed the instructions on changing your name with your Banks, which are often the credit card issuers.

How to change name in PAN card?

PAN Card name change may be required due to several reasons including marriage, misspelt name in PAN card, change of name and any other reasons. Name change online is possible for PAN and the name change procedure are simple and can be accomplished by filling the form for PAN Card name change online through TIN or NSDL.

How to change name on voter ID card?

Individuals who find that their voter ID card has incorrect information pertaining to their name can get it changed online by following a simple procedure, as highlighted below: Log onto the official website dedicated to providing services to voters, the National Voters Services Portal by clicking here.

Discover card – how to change name

How to Product Change Discover IT Credit Card (Video Walk through and link)

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