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How to Login SAUSD Account :

The Santa Ana Unified School District is the second biggest school region in Orange County serving the offspring of Santa Ana and the second biggest manager in Santa Ana, giving openings for work to roughly 5,000 representatives. SAUSD is focused on furnishing every one of its understudies with a propelled programs, excellent instruction, thorough and a supporting, safe condition with best in class offices, ongoing years learning and innovation, and an immediate pathway to school upon graduation. Their locale gladly brags one the most noteworthy graduation rates in the territory of California.

About sausd aeries :

The Aeries Parent account is available for all educational institution in SAUSD. Santa Ana Unified School District Aeries Student Information System gives the capacity to guardians to get to data for their kids through the web account. The entrance is a component that considers continuous access to understudy information utilizing any cutting edge Web program. The entrance bolsters the instruction and wellbeing of understudies by encouraging correspondence among school and home.

It gives subtleties on things such understudy participation, evaluations, and grades. Guardians get to the Parent Portal through a connection on their kid’s school Web page. Data for utilizing the account is accessible beneath, and extra help for guardians in setting up and utilizing the Parent Portal is accessible at your youngster’s school.

sausd aeries login :

To login open the page, eportal.sausd.us/ParentPortal

  • Once the page opens under the login spaces, click on, ‘Create new account’ button.

  • For parent or guardian tap on, ‘Next’ button. Provide the information,

  • Email Address, verify the same, set a password and confirm it. Click on, ‘Next’ button.

  • For student provide the required information, Email Address, Verify Email Address, now click on, ‘Next’ button.

  • To login return to the previous login page, there in the login space, provide the details,

Aeries Portals Login

Email and click on, ‘Next’ button.

  • To recover the login information tap on, ‘Forgot password?’ button. Provide the required information, Email address and hit on, ‘Next’ button.

Frequently asked questions on Santa Ana Unified School District :

  • Shouldn’t something be said about My Dependent’s Coverage?

They will stay on your advantages as long as you are qualified or until you drop them from your advantages.

  • What Befalls My Dependent’s Coverage If I Pass Away?

They will stay secured by the District’s protection for a half year for nothing. After a half year, your wards will be qualified to buy COBRA Continuation Coverage for an extra 30 months at the overall rates.

  • What Happens If I Move?

Remember that SAUSD’s HMO plans are California designs as they were. In the event that you have an HMO and move out-of-state, you need to try out and pay for an arrangement that benefits your new zone, similar to the PPO. So as to join up with our PPO plan, you should finish the Retired Employee Enrollment Form and submit it to our office as quickly as time permits before your turn.

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  • What befalls My District Life Insurance inclusion?

Your District-paid disaster protection inclusion will end in any case, you have the choice to change over the inclusion into an individual arrangement at a limited rate.

  • Do I Qualify?

You qualify just in the event that you have at least 10 years of SAUSD administration in a profited position. Profited position” signifies you were qualified for medical coverage inclusion. Your long periods of administration are checked whether you were taken a crack at a SAUSD wellbeing plan while in profited position.

  • Shouldn’t something be said about Medicare?

You need to take a crack at Part An and Part B as it were. Your SAUSD retirement benefits spread the rest. SAUSD doesn’t pay your Medicare Part B premium. Part B is at your own expense. Section An is generally free. This implies you need to pay for both your SAUSD inclusion and Medicare Part B at your own cost. Get Social Security to discover the amount they are going to charge you for your Medicare.

Customer help :

If you are looking for more information call on, 714.558.5501. Fax: 714.558.5610. Or write to, 1601 East Chestnut Avenue. Santa Ana, CA 92701-6322.

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