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What have you done with your CSP? : CreditCards – reddit

I live in NYC and have the CSP as well and using the CSP for MTA is a massive waste since pre-tax transit checks through Wageworks is a FAR better method. The CSP really is one of the worst annual fee cards. 1. … bi-weekly. My credit score is 750 on my Discover IT Student, My AmEx Blue Cash Everyday Card has a $2,000 limit, and my Discover card has a $2,250 limit, …

How often do places NOT take Discover? : CreditCards

I’d say 0.1% of major chains won’t accept discover. Amex is similar, but maybe higher. Rent is hard to pay without fees, but it’s possible to break even if your rent is high enough and you have a good enough rewards. For example if you have a 2.5% back card, you’d need to spend $2000/month in rent to make back that $50.

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