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Discover it Secured Credit Card Limit in 2022

16/03/2020  · For Discover it Secured, and most other secured cards, your limit is the same as the amount you deposit. So if you put down $200, then that’s what you’ll be able to spend. That’s why secured cards are easier to get: there’s almost no risk to the lender itself, because they have your deposited money as collateral.

Discover it Secured Credit Card to Build Credit History | …

Discover requires a minimum deposit of $200 to open a secured credit card account, but you can choose a larger deposit amount up to $2,500 if you’re approved for it. 1 When you’re using your secured credit card to build a credit history, you need a credit limit that lets you easily make regular purchases and pay your bill responsibly.

Discover it Secured Card Review | BEST Secured Card For Building (Or Rebuilding) Your Credit?!

Secured Credit Card – How Much Should You Deposit?

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