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With Discover it balance transfer card, you’ll find a variety of benefits for cardholders across a wide range of credit scores. There are strong options here for high-earning cash back, travel rewards, credit building, and more – plus you’ll get some top-tier perks and one-of-a-kind opportunities courtesy of our partner, Discover it balance transfer card.

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29/12/2021  · The Discover Balance Transfer card is one of the best credit cards for money transfers. Because it offers the same initial 18-month 0% APR for transfers (11.99% to 22.99% after variable APR). As many of the major credit cards.

Discover It Balance Transfer Card Review |

16/12/2021  · The Discover it Balance Transfer card also gets high marks for its intro balance transfer fee, which is on the low end for a balance transfer card. You’ll pay an intro balance transfer fee of 3% (or up to 5% on future transfers; see terms), which is tacked on to your total balance and subject to the same intro APR.

FAQ discover it balance transfer card

How do I transfer a balance to my Discover Card?

To transfer a balance to your Discover Card, start by filing a balance transfer request. Again, your account must be open for 14 days before your request can be processed if you were just approved for a new account, but after that, most requests take no more than four days.

How do I request a balance transfer from one credit card?

Once you’ve chosen a card that offers a balance transfer, apply and get approved, it’s time to request your balance transfer. Do so as directed by your new credit card issuer (for example, over the phone or online), and monitor while your balance transfer is processed and payment is made to your old creditor (s).

How long does it take discover to process a balance transfer?

For example, with Discover a new account must be open for 14 days before your balance transfer request can be processed. After that, most transfers are processed within 4 days. You should continue to make all payments to your other creditor until you confirm that the balance transfer was completed.

What is a balance transfer and how do they work?

You are here. Balance transfers can save you money on interest charges by moving your existing balance on one credit card to a card with a lower interest rate. But, how do you do a balance transfer? Completing a balance transfer might be easier than you might think.

Balance Transfer Cards 101: Everything You Need to Know

Balance Transfer Cards 101: Everything You Need to Know

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