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With Discover credit card fees, you’ll find a variety of benefits for cardholders across a wide range of credit scores. There are strong options here for high-earning cash back, travel rewards, credit building, and more – plus you’ll get some top-tier perks and one-of-a-kind opportunities courtesy of our partner, Discover credit card fees.

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28/02/2021  · Discover is a good credit card company because there are Discover cards for people of all credit levels, and all of them have $0 annual fees and $0 foreign transaction fees. Plus, Discover cards all reward cardholders with at least 1% back on purchases and will match new cardholders’ earnings fr om the first year as an anniversary present.

2022 Discover Card Annual Fees by Card – WalletHub

09/11/2021  · What fees are involved with a Discover card – or any other card – are determined by which credit card you get, not the brand. Some of the more traditional fees are balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, late fees, foreign transaction fees, over the limit fees, and the most common, annual fees.

FAQ discover credit card fees

How much is the Discover Card annual fee?

All Discover Card annual fees are $0. So whether you go for Discover it Secured, Discover it for Students, Discover it Miles or any other ”it” card, you’ll never pay a cent just for having it. That means you won’t have to worry about spending enough to get your money’s worth through rewards.

How do I get a Discover credit card?

How do I get a Discover Card? You can apply for Discover credit cards at or by calling 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683). Select from cash back credit cards or travel credit cards. We also have Discover student cards and a Discover business card. All our credit cards earn Discover rewards on every purchase.

Does discover have foreign transaction fees?

You are here. Does Discover Have Foreign Transaction Fees? You can use your Discover card in many countries throughout the world with no foreign transaction fees. Discover offers a helpful web page that you can use to find out if your card will be accepted in each country that you visit.

What types of credit cards does discover it offer?

Cash Back Credit Cards: Discover it ® Cash Back, Gas &Restaurant Card, NHL ® Discover it ® Travel Credit Card: Discover it ® Miles. Student Credit Cards: Discover it Student ® Cash Back, Student Chrome Card. Secured Credit Card: Discover it ® Secured credit card. Business Credit Card: Discover it ® Business Card

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