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With Discover card student credit builder, you’ll find a variety of benefits for cardholders across a wide range of credit scores. There are strong options here for high-earning cash back, travel rewards, credit building, and more – plus you’ll get some top-tier perks and one-of-a-kind opportunities courtesy of our partner, Discover card student credit builder.

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When used responsibly, Discover student credit cards are a great way to build credit while earning cash back rewards on every purchase. That’s because Discover reports your credit history to the three major credit bureaus so it can help build your credit if used responsibly.

Student Credit Cards Guide – Discover

15/06/2021  · A student credit card is a great first step. It’s a credit card that’s tailored to first-time cardholders who don’t have a long (or any) credit history. Some student credit cards, like Discover it Ⓡ Student Cash Back or Discover it Ⓡ Student Chrome, offer extra reminders and resources to help you build smart credit habits. A student credit card will kick off your credit …

FAQ discover card student credit builder

How can a discover student credit card help me build credit?

In order for a Discover student credit card to help a student build credit with responsible use,* you must make your monthly payments on time. Remember, your payment history is the biggest factor — typically about 35% — of your FICO® credit score calculation.

Is discover it secured credit card a real credit card?

A secured credit card is a real credit card. Not a prepaid card or debit card. Generally, prepaid cards and debit cards do not report to the 3 major credit bureaus. But the Discover it® Secured Credit Card reports your activity so you can build a credit history.

What is the student credit card APR for Discover cards?

The student Discover card starts at 0% intro APR † †† for 6 months on purchases. Then 12.99% to 21.99% Standard Variable Purchase APR will apply. And there’s no annual fee. Intro purchase APR is 0% for 6 months from date of account opening then the standard purchase APR applies.

How can I build credit history during college?

Explore the best Discover student credit cards to build credit history during college. student credit card offers that let you earn cash back rewards in college while building a credit history to help you after graduation.

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