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Discover Credit Card Credit Limit Increase: How To Get It

12/04/2021  · For Discover’s unsecured cards you can request a credit limit increase if your account has been open for at least 12 months. From your online banking account go to the “Manage” tab, then select “Credit Limit Increase”. You can also call (800) 347-2683 to request a higher credit limit.

Should You Request a Credit Line Increase?| Discover

To reach a customer service rep who can help you request a credit line increase on your Discover Card, call the phone number on your credit card. You can also select “Card Services” and then “Credit Line Increase” in the online Discover Account Center or “Services” and “Credit Line Increase” in the Discover Mobile App.

FAQ discover card credit limit increase

How do I increase my credit limit with discover?

You have a few options, including contacting a Discover customer service representative, using their automated system over the phone and requesting a credit limit increase online. Update 1: In many cases, the quickest way to increase your available credit is to apply for an additional card with a new bank.

How can I get a credit card limit increase?

Once you graduate, you can ask your credit card company to change your student status to graduated, which might also help you get an increase on your limit. This allows you to maintain your credit history and makes you eligible for potential limit increases.

What happens if you have too many credit cards on discover?

If Discover sees that you have a maxed out credit card or multiple maxed out credit cards they will feel less good about extending you additional credit because you may just max out that line and become a credit risk.

How often does my credit card limit go up?

You may find your limit goes up a few hundred dollars every 3 months, depending on where it began and your credit score. The best way to earn automatic credit limit increases is by making on-time payments and using your card regularly.


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