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What Is the Highest Credit Limit on a Discover Card?

Credit isn’t income or free money. It’s debt, or, at the very least, potential debt. So, consumers should consider all of the outcomes of a credit line increase…. Credit Card Basics. What is a Good Credit Limit? If your application for a credit card is approved, you’ll receive a credit card limit. But, do you know how the limit is calculated …

Everything You Need to Know About Credit Limits | Discover

A Guide to Increasing Discover Credit Limit. There are many reasons people may want to increase their Discover credit limit. While it may seem like a good idea, credit limit increases come with many benefits. … But getting a credit limit increase isn’t always simple. You must adhere to certain guidelines, and each set of guidelines depends on the credit issuer. Not …

FAQ discover card credit limit guidelines

What is the credit limit for a discover it card?

The minimum credit limit a Discover it® cardholder will receive is $300, and no cardholders reported a Discover it® credit limit above $20,000 (though we’ve personally heard otherwise, with one cardholder reporting a credit limit of $25,500). The typical new Discover it® cardholder received a credit limit around $3,000.

How many people have a Discover Card?

Today, Discover is one of the world’s largest credit card issuers, and over 38 million people carry Discover cards worldwide. The issuer’s popular Discover it® line of credit cards has an option for just about any occasion, providing accessible credit to a wide range of consumers.

What happens if you don’t qualify for a discover it card?

If you don’t qualify for this Discover it card due to a low credit score, you may qualify for another type of card. If your credit score is lower due to missed payments, high levels of debt, or other negative components of your credit report, you may be limited in the credit cards you qualify for.

What are the benefits of a Discover credit card?

No matter which Discover credit card you choose, you can expect a few general benefits. This includes the cash back and balance transfer cards, as well as the secured card option designed for credit-building consumers and the student cards for first-time cardholders.


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