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With Discover card car rental insurance, you’ll find a variety of benefits for cardholders across a wide range of credit scores. There are strong options here for high-earning cash back, travel rewards, credit building, and more – plus you’ll get some top-tier perks and one-of-a-kind opportunities courtesy of our partner, Discover card car rental insurance.

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Do Discover Credit Cards Come With Rental Car Insurance?

03/02/2022  · As you can see, Discover cards no longer come with rental car insurance. If you only have a Discover card, you’ll need to rely on the rental company’s insurance, your own, or a combination of the two. However, several other major credit card companies still offer rental car protection. Finding Information About Rental Car Insurance. American Express, Mastercard, …

Is There Discover Card Rental Car Insurance? – WalletHub

05/03/2021  · In addition to rental car insurance, Discover has cut several credit card benefits since February 2018. Discover dropped travel accident insurance, purchase protection, extended warranties and return protection. The other three major credit card networks still offer rental car insurance. But credit card issuers are the ones that set the specific coverage terms. Discover, …

FAQ discover card car rental insurance

How do I put my Discover Card car rental insurance to use?

In order to put your Discover card car rental insurance to use, you are required to decline any other CDW coverages offered for your rental, pay for your rental in full with your valid Discover credit card, and rent the car under the same name printed on said card.

Is discover’s rental car insurance reliable?

Like many credit cards, Discover’s rental car coverage is “secondary” or “excess”. That means Discover’s coverage would come into play only if there were not other forms of collectible insurance coverage. Though beyond the scope of the reliability question, there are credit cards available that offer “primary” rental car damage coverage.

When did the Discover Card rental car insurance benefit end?

The Discover card rental car insurance benefit was discontinued for all Discover credit card accounts on February 28, 2018. The last day to file a claim was May 29, 2018 for incidents that happened on or before February 28.

Does discover offer primary or secondary rental car insurance?

The only Discover card that offers primary rental car insurance is the Escape card; all other Discover cards provide secondary auto rental insurance only. Secondary insurance means that any accidents will have to be reported to your personally-owned vehicle’s insurance company at home,…

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