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With Discover card bonus categories 2018, you’ll find a variety of benefits for cardholders across a wide range of credit scores. There are strong options here for high-earning cash back, travel rewards, credit building, and more – plus you’ll get some top-tier perks and one-of-a-kind opportunities courtesy of our partner, Discover card bonus categories 2018.

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Discover Rewards Calendar 2018 – Discover 5% Cashback

03/05/2017  · The Discover rewards calendar 5% cash back is for spending up to $1,500 each quarter in the bonus categories. Activation. Don’t forget you’ll need to enroll each quarter to get the cash back. Even though the Discover It 2018 calendar is available in advance, you have to wait to enroll each quarter. How to activate.

Discover To Remove Many Card Benefits After February 28th, 2018 …

24/02/2018  · Discover is now communicating this directly to cardholders on login. Discover has announced that they will to remove the following credit card benefits after February 28th, 2018: Extended Product Warranty. Return Guarantee. Purchase Protection. Auto Rental Insurance. Flight Accident Insurance. Contents.

FAQ discover card bonus categories 2018

How much is the 5% Cashback Bonus on Discover cards?

Earn 5% Cashback Bonus on up to $1,500 in category purchases each quarter, when you activate. That’s up to $75 cash back each quarter! Plus, you always earn Cashback Bonus when you use your Discover card.

When can I Activate my discover Q4 bonus categories?

You can activate Q4 bonus categories as early as August 1 through the end of the year. Discover offers three cards that follow the bonus cash back calendar, whereas its other card offers simply provide flat-rate rewards or fixed-tiered rewards (higher-rate rewards categories that do not change).

What are the best places to use a Discover Card?

Cards that earn bonus rewards in these categories include the Discover it® Cash Back and the Discover it® Student Cash Back. • Grocery stores*. • CVS. • Walgreens. • Grocery stores*. • Fitness clubs and gym memberships.

What’s new on the discover bonus calendar for 2020?

The Discover Bonus Calendar has added some fresh categories for 2020. Walgreens and CVS, as well as Costco and Sam’s Club, are all new additions its cardholders will appreciate. Keep this calendar in mind when you plan your shopping trips throughout the year so you can really maximize your rewards.

2018 Discover Cash Back Categories

2nd Quarter Rotating Bonus Categories (Apr to Jun 2018) | Chase Freedom, Discover It & Citi Dividend

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