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Adding an Authorized User – Discover

When you add a friend or family member as an Authorized User to your Discover card, you may help them build a credit history, with responsible use. 1. 1. Discover reports the account credit history to the three major credit bureaus as to you and as to the Authorized User. This can help build the Authorized User’s credit history if used responsibly.

How Do I Add a Discover Authorized User? – WalletHub

08/03/2021  · Here’s how to add a Discover authorized user: Online: Log in with your username and password and select the account you want to add the authorized user to. Select… By phone: Call customer service at (800) 347-2683 to request an authorized user. Enter your card number to be connected… Required …

Add an Authorized User to Your Discover Credit Card

What is an Authorized User of a Credit Card? | Discover | Credit Resource Center

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