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Where are Discover Cards Accepted? | Discover

Discover is accepted at 99% of places in the U.S. that take credit cards 1. That includes millions of merchants nationwide like grocery stores, gas stations, big retailers, home improvement centers, online favorites, amazing restaurants, major utilities, digital wallets and much, much more.

International Credit Card Acceptance | Discover

Yes. You can use Discover Card internationally. As you plan your trip, be sure to check our helpful article on using your Discover Card abroad as well as our international acceptance information. Hide All Show All. 1. Discover Match®: No purchase minimums. After the first 12 consecutive billing periods that your new account is open, we will …

FAQ discover card acceptance in usa

Where is Discover Card accepted?

Discover is accepted nationwide by 99% of the places that take credit cards. 1 And internationally, the Discover Global Network offers acceptance in 200 countries and territories, and growing.

Is discover the most widely accepted credit card?

Still, in 2015, according to some studies, Discover actually became one of the most widely accepted payment card globally. In the US, it has the third highest acceptance rate among card networks, beating out American Express.

Should you leave the US with a Discover Card?

To paraphrase another issuer’s old tagline: Discover card, don’t leave the US with it. At least, that’s been the knock on Discover, even as it promotes no foreign transaction fees on cards like the Discover it Miles. That benefit does little good if no foreign merchant will accept the card.

Are American Express and Discover cards accepted internationally?

International acceptance data is harder to come by since both American Express and Discover lag Visa and Mastercard in this area. But AmEx and Discover are working to increase their international footprints. American Express has a three-year goal of increasing international acceptance by 20%.

What is Credit Card Acceptance? | Discover | Credit Resource Center


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