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How to Log In and Apply for a Debenhams Credit Card

In 1813, Debenhams 1 st store was opened outside of London City in Cheltenham by Mr. William Clark. It was a similar store to the Wigmore Street one. 

The Victorian fashion style of the family grieving, in which widows and other female relatives adhere to a strict code of dress and manners, has seen the organization flourish over the years.

Debenhams was a key part of the Burton Group from 1985 to 1998. There was a significant increase in the number and location of Debenhams outlets. In 1997, their first global establishment store opened in Bahrain.

Debenhams, an organization that had been separated from the Burton Group, was listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE), until 2003 when it was taken over by Baroness Retail Ltd. In May 2006, Debenhams was back on the London Stock Exchange.

Debenhams plc had its administrative headquarter in London at Oxford Street. Today, the company sells fashion clothes, accessories, footwear, toys, cosmetics and electrical products.

It also offers household products such as furniture, home products, and gifts. According to the 2018 record, the company generated a total revenue of PS2,277 millions. Today, Debenhams operates under Boohoo Online Store. It has a workforce of over 25,000 highly-trained employees.

Debenhams Credit Card Login:

You can use the following steps to help you login to the Debenhams Credit Card.

  • Visit the Debenhams Online Manager Portal first.
  • You can also directly click on
  • Choose Log In from the top of the page.
  • Enter your Username and click the “NEXT tab. Follow the instructions to access your account.

Debenhams Credit Card Login

Apply for Debenhams Credit Card:

You can apply for Debenhams credit cards by visiting the Debenhams Card Mobile Application or Online Account Manager (Get registered first for online services), and also via the Automated Phone Call Services at 0333_ -220 -2519 (7 days a week, 8am to 9pm).

Debenhams Credit Card Registration:

Once you have received your Debenhams Credit Card you will need to register it as soon as possible. Below are the details to get you started:

  • Your Accounts Information – To access your 16 (sixteenth) digit credit number, or number of your accounts, you will need your 16 digit account number .
  • Your Mobile Telephone – During the registration process, Debenhams will email a One-Time Password (OTP), to your mobile number.
  • Online Registration number – This 6 (six-digit) code number is what you will need. It was sent to you via E-mail and letter when you applied for your Debenhams Credit Card. If you do not have the Code, you can still register your Debenhams Credit Card.

It is easy to register for a Debenhams credit card. If you have any questions, please follow these steps:

  • You can now access the Debenhams Online account manager portal.
  • You can also click on
  • Click the Register button on the homepage.
  • You can fill in your personal details like “Last name”“Post Code” and Card Details such as “Card number”“Expiry Date” (MM/YY), etc.
  • Check the “Terms and Conditions” box.
  • To complete, tap on the CONTINUE tab.

Where to find your APR & Interest Rates on Debenhams Credit Card:

Your Credit Agreement will clearly show the Annual Percentage Ratio (APR) that applies to your account. Your monthly billing statement will show all applicable rates of interest for your Credit card Account.

Your Debenhams credit card interest rates will be clearly displayed on your statement. You will find “Your interest rates”, which lists all the rates applicable to your Debenhams Credit Card.

Reporting Fraud or suspicious Transactions:

Debenhams Credit Card has dedicated team to monitor your account activity and intercept suspicious transactions. If you have any suspicions about transactions appearing on your monthly statement, please contact Debenhams Fraud Prevention Help webpage. Or call 0330 838 -1557. If your phone number is not available, you can temporarily freeze your Credit Card using your Mobile Application.

What is the Credit limit to the Amount of Cash you can regularly withdraw:

Debenhams allows you to borrow up to PS300 per day. This is dependent on your credit limit. It is best to stick within your credit limit. Keep in mind that there will be a charge of PS3 (or 3%) for each cash transaction.

Interest will also be charged starting from the day the transaction is added to the account (i.e. Both of these fees will be charged to your account from the date that the transaction is added to it (usually the next working day), which can cause you excess credit limit.

What happens to you if your payment is late or you exceed your credit limit:

If you miss a payment, go over your regular credit limit, or fail to make your contractual minimum payments by the due date, you’ll be charged a PS12 fee.

Debenhams will also report payment history and missed or failed payments, to Credit Reference Agencies. This will reflect on credit files and may make it more difficult or expensive to obtain any type of credit facility in the future.

You will be charged the standard purchase rate if you don’t pay your card bills on time or exceed your credit limit. You will also be charged the standard purchase balance for Instalment Plan Balances and Buy Now Pay Later benefits. Your monthly statement will show you your standard purchase rate.

Debenhams can help you if you have difficulty paying your monthly payments on time, or if you are unable to make them on time. Debenhams has a specialist team that can help you evaluate your options and determine the best option. You can also call Debenhams friendly staff at 0330 838 -1557 orin Your Mobile Application.

You can also get free, independent advice through the following organizations:

Citizens Advice (Call): 03454 -04 -05 -06 or E-mail to

National Debt line (Call): 0808 -8080 -4000 or E-mail to (if you are self-employed)

Step Change Debt Charity (Call: 0800-138 -1111, or E-mail to

Please note: (Debenhams is committed to working with the above organizations & helping to find you the best & cheapest solution).

Contact Details:

Debenhams Headquarters,

334 – 348, Oxford Street,

London, England, UK

Debenhams Credit Card Services,

New Day Ltd,

PO Box – 700, Leeds, LS99 2BD

Phone Numbers:

Debenhams Customer Services Enquiries, to Report Lost or Stolen Card, and Forgot or Change your PIN (Call): 0333 -220 -2519 and 0330 -838 -1557 (7 days a week, 8 am to 9 pm)

Report Fraudulent or Unauthorised Use of Credit Card (Call): 0333 -220 -2519

To Use Debenhams Credit Card Abroad (Call): 0333 -220 -2518 (Call Before Travelling)



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