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How to Activate the Danske Bank Credit Card :

Danske Bank A/S is a Danish worldwide banking and monetary service organization. The Bank has its head office settled in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the biggest bank in Denmark and a significant retail bank in the Northern European region with more than 5 million retail clients. As of now, the Bank has an Employee’s strength of is more than 21,000. Danske Bank was listed at number 454 on the Fortune Global 500 listing for the year 2011.

The Bank was established on October 5th, 1871 as “The Danish Farmers” Bank, Mortgage and Exchange Bank of Copenhagen”, and was popularly known as “The Farmers’ Bank”. In the year 1976, the bank’s name was changed to “The Danish Bank”, and the current name “Danske Bank” was adopted in the year 2000.

Additionally, the Danske Bank Group operates various neighborhood banks around the Nordic areas like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, etc, and also just across the Ireland region. In Denmark, Danske Bank’s underlying foundations go back to earlier 1871, when Den Danske Landmands Bank was established. As the years progressed, the bank has developed through many mergers with numerous local and provincial banks. The most important among them was occurred in the year 1990, when Den Danske Landmands Bank was merged with two other significant Danish banks, making Danske Bank the largest bank within Denmark.

The Danske Bank is a Nordic bank along with solid local roots which and extends to the remaining part of the world. For a very long time of 150 years, they have helped individuals and organizations in the Nordics to understand and achieve their dreams and desires. The Danske Bank’s clients are generally served by two main business units, i.e. Personal and Business Customers and Large Corporate and Institutions. Along with the banking services, the organization also provides services in the sectors of mortgage finance, real estate and leasing, asset management, and life insurance coverages and pensions.

The Bank always assisted their clients to become financially established and stable along with constructing people’s lives and organizations on a strong financial foundation. The organization always planned to make a long-term incentive for all customers, investors, shareholders, stakeholders, and the communities they are also a part of. The organization always had a clear focus on gaining recognition as the most trusted financial banking organization among the people globally.

Activate Danske Bank Credit Card via Online:

To Activate your Danske Bank (DK), Credit Card, through the online e-Banking method, follow the below guidelines:

  • Visit the Danske Bank e-Banking website.
  • You can also click the link given danskebank.dk.
  • Get on the landing page of the website, and “Sign In” with your credentials.

danske bank card activation

  • After Sign In to your Banking account, choose the “Cards and Currency”
  • Then select the “Card Overview”
  • Now, choose the “Activate” option and again enter your “Password” for verification and confirmation. You have to select the appropriate activation option for the card, already chosen.
  • Lastly, you will receive a notification in few minutes for completing the Activation process. You will not be able to successfully utilize your new card until you receive that message.

Activate Danske Bank Credit Card through Phone:

There is a second way to Activate your new Danske Bank Credit Card by Phone. You need to activate your card first before using it. You are required to call the Danske Bank Customer Care Service at 02890 -049 -221. Activating the Danske Bank Credit Card over the phone is a simple and quick way for you in case you are not utilizing the Danske Bank Online or Danske Bank Mobile Application.

You are required to provide your Danske Bank Credit Card information along with your personal data to the Customer Care Executive and wait for a few minutes to get activated. The Customer Care Representative will confirm with you over the phone that your Credit Card is being activated. After that, you can use it immediately, as per your requirement.

(This Call may be chargeable for you and Call Service timings are open between (Monday to Friday) 8 am and 8 pm and on (Saturdays & Sundays) between 9 am and 4.30 pm.

Activating through Mobile Application:

The Mobile Application of the Danske Bank is digitally safe, secured, and fast to activate your Credit Card, follow the simple process below:

  • Firstly, download the Danske Bank Mobile Application on your phone.
  • Get Log In to the Mobile Application.
  • Now choose the option of “View all Accounts and Cards”.
  • Then click on the Credit Card you want to activate, and tap on the “Activate”
  • Afterward swipe the “Activate Card” option below, and your card is activated and ready to use.

How to Log In or Sign In for the Danske Bank Credit Card:

To Log In or Sign In for the Danske Bank Credit Card, go to the official website of the Bank. On the Home page select the “Sign In” option, then enter your “User ID” and “Password” now by clicking the “Next” option and following the on-screen instructions, you can get into your account.

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How to Report for Lost or Stolen Danske Bank Credit Card:

In any case, if you have misplaced, lost, or stolen your Danske Bank Credit Card, you can report it immediately. Some people sometimes quickly find their misplaced card again. In many cases, they have just changed their baggage or jacket. If you have already found your card, you can easily and quickly open it again in the mobile bank.

If you fear it has been lost or stolen, and the card does not reappear then re-order a new card. You can just do this by utilizing the mobile bank.

If you have misplaced, lost, or stolen your Danske Bank Credit Card you can block your card utilizing the Mobile Banking, and Online Banking Or else call Danske Bank Customer Care Service at 70 -20 -7020 to block your Credit Card. The number is open for 24-hour emergency line service for the Danske Bank.

Various Credit Cards offered by the Danske Bank (DK):

The Danske Bank of Denmark offers various types of Credit Cards for their customers. Some of those are briefly discussed underneath:

The Danske Bank Master Card Basis Credit Card:

Using the Danske Bank Master Card Basis Credit Card, you can get a card for both regular purchases and larger purchases. You can have the benefit of using the card in most outlets in Denmark, for online trading, in ATMs, and during traveling as Master Card is among the most accepted card in the world. You can apply for a Danske Bank Master Card Basis on the online bank website (it requires credit approval).

Tailor your Payment:

To best suit your requirements you can also tailor your payment method using the Danske Bank Master Card Basis Credit Card. If you do not prefer to wait for the payment for up to 6 weeks and so on, then use the card to deduct the amount directly from your account immediately, to make the payment method a bit faster for your purchase each time you use the card.

Possibility of Insurance:

Avail the facility of combining the Master Card Basis Credit Card with various types of insurances like the attractive ‘Annual Travel Europe’ scheme.

The Danske Bank Master Card Gold Credit Card:

With the Danske Bank Master Card Gold Credit Card, you can avail yourself of the advantages for both larger purchases and everyday purchases. Utilize the card in the vast majority of outlets within Denmark and while traveling. Take advantage of the fact that Master Card is the most globally accepted card. You have to apply for the Danske Bank Master Card Gold Credit Card in the online banking platform (which requires credit approval).

Travel safely in Europe:

If you possess a Master Card Gold Credit Card, you along with your immediate family can travel safely and securely across Europe. The card is well equipped with the advantages of an Annual Travel Insurance coverage that helps if in an emergency in case you become ill or injured while traveling.

Custom Make your Payment:

With a Danske Bank Master Card Gold Credit Card, you can also customize your payment method to best suit as per your requirements. You have the choice of selecting your payment mode like the amount be credited from your immediately from your account, or do you prefer to wait for an interest-free payment for up to 6 weeks. Each time you use the card you the choice of choosing between how you want to make payment for your purchase.

Benefits of Interest-free Credit:

You can avail of up to 6 weeks of interest-free credit on your Master Card Gold Credit Card. This means that without any costing and anything in interest you can automatically wait to make a payment for your purchases. Basically,

how long of an interest-free period you will get depends on when in the month you utilize the Credit Card. You can get the benefit of the longest interest-free period by making a transaction right after the 20th day of a month. The Danske Bank calculates your Credit Card transactions for one month on the 19th of every month, and you make your payment on the 1st of the month.

The Danske Bank Visa / Dankort Credit Card:

The Danske Bank’s Visa / Dankort Credit Card is a card for utilization in daily life and while you travel. You can make payments using the card in most outlets and moreover you can also withdraw cash from over 400,000 ATMs across the world. After you utilize the card, the money is credited from your bank account within a short period of time, most often on the same day. Therefore, it is quite simple to keep tracking of your transactions and accounts to see how much money you have spent. The applications for the Danske Bank’s Visa / Dankort Credit Card can be made on the online bank portal.

Make Payments in daily life and while Traveling: You can make your payments for products or services using the Visa / Dankort Credit Card in the outlets and while traveling where the Dankort and /or Visa Credit Card is accepted. This is also applicable for the Online platform stores. In any case, if you return a product, most of the stores will refund the amount to your Visa and /or Dankort Card linked bank account.

Withdraw Money: You can utilize your Danske Bank’s Visa and /or Dankort Credit Card to withdraw your cash at ATMs and in most Danish Banks. Furthermore, when in Abroad, you can also withdraw at ATMs and Banks that accept Visa Cards.  One of the best features and advantages of this card is, if you want to withdraw money at any cash vending machine within Denmark that does not approve up to accept the Dankort card, it will automatically approve the Visa Card part that is activated. Some minimum charges may be associated while withdrawing the cash amount.

Safety and Security: The Danske Bank’s Visa and /or Dankort Credit Card is a personal card that can be utilized only by you. While receiving the card, sign it immediately. A PIN code is attached, along with your card which you must remember by heart. In any circumstances, if you suspect that any other person has had access to the secret code or the card, you must immediately contact the Danske Bank.

In any situation in case, your Visa and /or Dankort Credit Card is lost or stolen, you must immediately block it. You have the facility to do this quickly and simply through your Mobile Banking Application or Online Banking Portal. In any case, if you can’t find your card ultimately, you can simply close the card in the mobile banking app and reopen it if it reappears. In a situation like, if your card has been permanently stolen or lost, you have to Re-Order it in both online banking and mobile banking. Additionally, in case if you do not have the access to your online bank or mobile bank, you can instead call the Danske Bank Customer Care Service on the telephone at +45 -70 -20 -7020 (Open for 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week) to block your card.

Extra Security while Shopping Online: Utilizing your card while shopping online, you may reveal that you have to approve your payments. The simplest way to approve your payments is using the “NemID Key” Application. Additionally, you have the advantage of choosing to authenticate with a personal password of your own choice, along with a one-time (OTP) SMS code.

The Danske Bank Master Card Direct Credit Card:

The Danske Bank Master Card Direct Credit Card is an internationally recognized payment card that you can utilize for both travel and everyday requirements. The card is accepted in most in-shops within Denmark, in ATMs, and for online trading purposes and abroad. You can avail the benefit from the fact that Master Card has worldwide acceptance.

The Master Card Direct Credit Card operates like a daily payment card, where the amount is deducted directly from your account. The card has the benefit of a Balance Check which means you can only spend the amount in your account balance. Applications can be made for the Master Card Direct Credit Card in the online banking portal.

The Benefit of Insurance Coverage: Take the advantage of upgrading your Danske Bank Master Card Direct Credit Card with attractive insurance coverages like the Purchase and Mobile Insurance and Annual Travel Insurance Europe.

A Card with the Balance Check: The Master Card Direct Credit Card also had a feature like Balance Control, which ensures you not to buy more than what is in your account. While you make payment using the card, the amount will be withdrawn directly or a few days later from your account.

The Balance Check feature helps you get a good overview and track of your spending, so it’s quite easier to keep a track of all your purchases and so that you can avoid boring surprises.

The Danske Bank Master Card Platinum Credit Card:

It is the most accepted card globally. The Danske Bank Master Card Platinum Credit Card is the most ideal for you who generally like to travel a lot.

The Danske Bank Master Card Platinum Card includes annual travel insurance for your immediate family and you, so you can globally travel safely, all year round. You get the advantage of utilizing the card in maximum outlets within Denmark, in all ATMs, and for online trading.

Shape Up your payment: With the Danske Bank Master Card Platinum Credit Card, tailor-make all your payments to the best suited as per your requirements. Your payment amount would be deducted from your account directly, or do you can prefer to wait along with the interest-free payment for up to 6 weeks, you have to choose every time you utilize the card.

Various Options: You can have the choice to choose among the several attractive insurances along with a 15% extra discount. Additionally, avail the benefit of getting free access to the Danish Concierge, like helping to book a concert and flight tickets for you across the world. Apply for Danske Bank Master Card Platinum Credit Card in the online banking platform (depending upon the credit approval).

Contact Details:

Danske Bank Head Office Address:

Danske Bank A/S,

Holmens Kanal 2 -12,

DK – 1092, Copenhagen K

Telephone: (+45) -70 -123 -456 and (+45) -33 -44 -0000

The Danske Bank (DK) Phone Numbers:

Customer Care Service (Call): 70 -123 -456 (Open for 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week)

Technical Support For Online Banking (Call): 70 -105 -501 (Monday to Thursday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm)

Block your Card (Call): +45 -70 -20 -7020 (Open for 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week)

Become a Customer (Call): 70 -10 -1708

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