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Where Is Discover Card Accepted Internationally?

11/12/2020  · A Discover card is accepted in 200 countries and territories internationally. That includes India, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Puerto Rico, the United Arab Emirates and most other popular destinations for American business and vacation travelers. But just because a Discover card is accepted by at least some merchants in a given country does not mean …

Where are Discover Cards Accepted? | Discover

Millions of merchants in the U.S. accept Discover. That’s 99% of places that take credit cards nationwide. 1 And around the globe, the Discover Global Network offers acceptance in 200 countries and territories. So you can earn rewards with Discover when you shop, pay bills, order food and much more, all over the place.

FAQ countries that take discover card

Is Discover Card accepted in other countries?

Even in the countries where Discover Card is accepted, you’ll still find many merchants that only accept Mastercard and Visa. That’s a big reason why Discover ranks 7th out of the 10 largest credit card companies in WalletHub’s International Travel Credit Card Report.

How can I use my Discover Card when I travel?

Here are a few more tips for traveling smoothly with your Discover card: Register your travel plans with Discover online, via the mobile app or over the phone (1-800 DISCOVER) to help ensure uninterrupted use of your card.

Where can I use my Discover Card in South America?

In Central America, Discover card acceptance is high in Belize, but more limited in most countries. On the other hand, you’ll have an easier time using your Discover card for travel in South America. The acceptance rate is high in many countries there, including popular destinations, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Is the discover it miles card worth it?

Thanks to the Discover it Miles card’s industry-leading rewards rate for the first 12 months, you can stack up a lot of miles with the card in your first year with very little effort. Where is Discover card accepted? Before you embark on your trip, you should check Discover’s online map to see if your card will be accepted where you are traveling.

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