www.dropbox.com/connect – How To Connect Dropbox Wih Your Device

  • Before we get onto our Dropbox Connect Guide lets us know something about DrpoBox

      . It is a cloud-based hosting service that is designed to manage, share, and save files across devices seamlessly.

        With a valuation of $10 billion, Dropbox has been ranked as among the most valued companies in America.

          It is well-known for its secure deployment and robust chain of privacy protection.

        • It has been awarded five stars by the most well-known security monitoring platforms like Electronic Frontier Foundation.The main purpose of Dropbox is to store the different files on devices or other connected devices together in one central location by creating a super-protected single folder on the device of the user. 
        • The contents and the data in the folder are automatically synchronized with Dropbox’s server Dropbox which allows users to access the files from any other device which Dropbox is installed. This keeps the data up-to-date when accessing the Dropbox accounts from any device.

          Drop Features

          Dropbox provides business models with fermium that offer free storage that is limited in size and accounts can be signed up by users. 

        • To expand the storage space, users can choose to pay for subscriptions that offer larger sizes and features that are premium. 
        • Users who are new to Dropbox can choose to sign up for using the free Dropbox account to get access to these features immediately:
              • Mobile devices: Dropbox can be accessed from any device running an operating system and internet connection such as Microsoft Windows and Mac, Mac, Android, and iOS tablets and smartphones.
              • Mobile Application Access Dropbox through the mobile app for Android or iOS and gain exclusive app-only features, such as previewing more than just file types anyplace.
              • File-Syncing Backup the files you have and then sync photos videos, files, and files across all devices by connecting to your existing Dropbox account.
              • Recovery of files: Recover accidentally deleted files within 30 days via dropbox.com.
              • Preview files With no special software more than 175 different file types are available to preview across the device.
              • Simple CollaborationConnect as well as collaborate, friends and colleagues while sharing documents.
              • Link SharingShare those files for people who do not have a Dropbox subscription by creating a hyperlink to the file. Link the files to text email, chat, or text and let the recipient quickly download and view the files by clicking the link.

          Install DropBox on Mobile or any other device:

          The installation of DropBox is very simple. Following the Dropbox Connect guide, you can effortlessly connect it to any device that is compatible. Follow the instructions.

        DropBox Connect

          • Take a picture of your QR Code with the device and
          • Install the application and begin the process of storing it.

          The Dropbox account registration

          Individual or first-time users will be able to learn how to sign up to the Dropbox account step-by-step. Dropbox free offers 2GB of free storage along with all the features that were mentioned earlier. To sign up for this account, click here: Dropbox Free account, please follow the steps below:


              • Choose to Register
              • The registration form must be filled in by filling in the following details one at a time:
              1. Initial Name.
              2. The Last Name.
              3. Email Contact.
              4. Create an account with a password.
              • Click on I agree to Dropbox’s conditions.
              • Google account holders are able to click Sign up with Google to sign up your Google email address and other details through Dropbox. Dropbox.
              • Select Register an account.

          Dropbox Login

          Once you have registered successfully After successful registration, you can access Dropbox storage as well as the features that it offers from the moment you register. 

        • Sign in to your Dropbox account using your device to begin managing your files and data:


              • Select “Sign In” next to Have an existing account.
              • If you’ve signed up using the Google or Apple account click on Sign in using Google or sign in using Apple
              • Dropbox account holders must fill in their associated email addresses.
              • Input the password for your account you you have typed in.
              • Click on “Remember Me” if you want the device to automatically fill in details each time you log in. It is recommended to skip this step if you’re connecting via a public device or a third user device.
              • Click to Register.

          Reset Password

          For recovering the forgotten password and to regain access to Dropbox account Follow the steps below:

              • Go to www.dropbox.com
              • Simply click Register.
              • Click on Forgot your password.
              • Enter the email address that you have registered with.
              • A message with an option to reset your password will be delivered to the inbox. Click the link to proceed with the process of resetting your password.
              • After changing the password, go back at the log-in page, and gain access with the newly created credentials.

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          Contact Information

              • Log in to Your Dropbox account.
              • Click here to Contact Us.
              • Press the Customer Service button.
              • Fill in the Request Form with the relevant information and mail it.
              • Customer support will respond to you via the channels that are provided to you.



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