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How many Discover credit cards can you have? |

05/12/2019  · You are limited to two Discover cards at a time. To open your second card, you typically must have held your first for a minimum of one year. Note that some members have reported getting their second card even sooner, but one year is the standard. Unlike most other providers, Discover lets you have two of the same card.

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04/04/2021  · Yes, you can have two Discover cards. But Discover does not allow you to have more than two of its cards open at the same time. You’re also limited to one new Discover card per year, so make sure you have the first Discover card for at least that long before you apply for a second. If you do have two Discover cards, only one of them can be a student card or a …

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Can you have two Discover cards?

If you do have two Discover cards, only one of them can be a student card or a secured card. Other than that, there are no restrictions on the types of Discover cards you can have. This enables you to apply for whichever two Discover cards best fit your financial situation.

Is the discover it card worth it?

The Discover It card is one of our favorite cards. One of the really great things that make it a keeper card is the Cashback Match. The only downside is that Cashback Match only applies for the first year of the card. If you get a second card, you get the Cashback Match again.

Can you have more than one credit card?

With the rapidly growing popularity of credit cards, individuals owning multiple cards isn’t unheard of. In fact, the rise in the number of people owning more than one card has been proportional to the growth in the credit card market itself.

How to apply for multiple credit cards?

Check your credit score: A high credit score is a must for applying for a credit card and getting the application approved. So if you have consistently maintained a desirable credit score, you can effortlessly have multiple credit cards. Assess your repayment capability: Having multiple credit cards is one thing, repaying the dues is another.

Why I Have 2 Discover It Cards

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