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04/04/2021  · You can only have 2 Discover credit cards at the same time. To get your 2nd Discover card, you must have had the 1 st card open for at least 1 year. Your 2 Discover cards can be different or the same, but only of them can be a student card or a secured card. Some people might get 2 of the same card to get around and double their quarterly spending limits …

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20/05/2017  · You can only have up to 2 Discover It cards at one time; You can only have 1 student card at one time; You can only have 1 new card every membership year — after you receive the cashback match check. Even though the rules say 12 months, it’s really 13 months because you have to wait for the cashback match check. There’s technically a way to be in …

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Can you have two Discover cards?

If you do have two Discover cards, only one of them can be a student card or a secured card. Other than that, there are no restrictions on the types of Discover cards you can have. This enables you to apply for whichever two Discover cards best fit your financial situation.

Is the discover it card worth it?

The Discover It card is one of our favorite cards. One of the really great things that make it a keeper card is the Cashback Match. The only downside is that Cashback Match only applies for the first year of the card. If you get a second card, you get the Cashback Match again.

Where can I view offers for my credit card?

You can view credit card offers by going to the “Credit Card Offers” tab. Find offers for the respective cards in “Cash Back Credit Cards.” You don’t have to use our links, but we’re grateful when you do. Thank you for supporting AskSebby!

What are the Discover Card Cash Back rates?

The Discover cash back rates seem higher compared to other portals. For example, shopping at Apple earns 5% cash back on the Discover portal, which is really 10% with cash back match. The only other portal that comes close is Chase Ink, at 6–8% cash back. If you’re trying to get multiple Discover cards, there are a few rules:

Why I Have 2 Discover It Cards

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