How To Activate Bluebird Card? Bluebird Card Activation Guide

How To Activate Bluebird Card? Bluebird Card Activation Guide

Did you just receive your new Bluebird Card in your mailbox? congratulations on it!

If so, activate your Bluebird credit/debit card now!

Do you have any idea about Bluebird Credit Card Login? or Bluebird Card Activation? No!

Then, Here I am to help you.

In the following article, I will help you to finish your Bluebird Card Activation and Bluebird Credit Card registration process. I will also provide you with, Bluebird Card Customer Service, and everything you need to know to Activate Bluebird Card.

Keep reading to finish your Bluebird Card Activation successfully…

What you’ll need to Activate Bluebird Card?

  • Bluebird Card with its details including
    • Last 8 digits of your card number
    • Expiry date
    • NRIC/Passport number
  • A computer or smartphone.
  • A strong internet connection.
  • Personal Information.
  • Bluebird Card Activation Link (Genuine)

Once, you’ve all them, you can go ahead to Activate your Bluebird Card.

How to Activate Bluebird Card Online? Steps

To complete the process of Bluebird Card activation online, follow the given below steps accordingly –

  • Visit the official activation page – from here.
  • Click on the link – “Register Your Card”.
  • Next, provide your temporary card number, your name, create a password, and create an ATM PIN.
  • Agree with the terms of service before clicking on the “Agree”.
  • Finally, click on the  “Submit” button to complete your registration process.

You are done with it!

These are the most simple steps that you need to follow to Activate Bluebird Card.

Bluebird Card Activation Guide

Benefits of Having American Express Bluebird Card

Bluebird Card is issued by American Express bank and it comes with the following extraordinary benefits –

  • No annual fee
  • No credit review
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly fee
  • No overdraft fee
  • Free online bill pay, direct deposit
  • Track the balance and transaction history
  • Add funds for free via your bank account, direct deposit, mobile check deposits, or at Walmart

Benefits of Bluebird Temporary Card and Bluebird Personalized Card

Benefits Bluebird Personalized Card Bluebird Temporary Card
Make Purchases Yes Yes
Use Bluebird2Walmart Money Transfer Yes No
Free Family Accounts Yes No
Free Mobile App with Account Management Tools Yes No
Free Online Bill Pay Yes No
Free Cash Reloads at Walmart Yes No
Free Money Pass ATM Access Yes No
Free Early Direct Deposit Yes No

Bluebird Card Customer Service

  • Toll-Free Number: (877) 486-5990 US
  • Customer Service:
    • (801) 449-4016 -International
    • (866) 289-9588 – Recipient Confirmation
    • (877) 486-5990 – US
  • Corporate Office Address:
  • Bluebird By American Express
    200 Vesey St
    New York, New York 10282
    United States
  • Bluebird By American Express Website:

Bluebird Card Activate Wrap Up

So, this how easily you can finish your Bluebird Card Activation.

If still have any questions regarding How Do I Activate my Bluebird Card, tell us by commenting below.

For more details, visit their official site or reach us at

Bluebird Card Activation FAQs

Why is my Bluebird card being declined when I have money?

In the event you do not have sufficient Available Funds in your Bluebird Account (or Subaccount) at the time the point of sale transaction or online store transaction is initiated with your card to cover the cost of the transaction and any applicable fees, the transaction will be declined, and you agree we have no …

Why can’ti register my bluebird card?

If you can’t activate your Bluebird card, you should first make sure you have verified your email address during online registration. If your email address is verified and you are still unable to activate your card, you should contact Bluebird at (877) 486-5990.

How do I unlock my Bluebird account online?

Log in to your Bluebird Account and select the Subaccount from the Home screen. Go to Subaccount Settings and click or tap ‘Lock Subaccount. ‘ Then select Unlock Subaccount.

Is Bluebird a debit or credit card?

The Bluebird card, offered by American Express, is an FDIC-insured prepaid debit card with virtually no fees. It functions almost like a checking account, making it a useful substitute for consumers who don’t have a bank account.

Is there a limit on Bluebird card?

The Bluebird Prepaid Card’s daily withdrawal limit is $750. Your monthly withdrawal limit is $2,000 and there is a $100,000 yearly withdrawal limit. Please take into account that you can withdraw cash at any ATM in the United States that accepts American Express cards.

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