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How to Earn Bausch Rewards Points When Making Purchase

Bausch Rewards

Each when you make a qualifying buy at Bausch contact lenses You will earn Bausch Rewards Points. 

You can use points to earn rewards, which can be used towards the gift card, as well as other merchandise from 25 different brands. 

To be eligible for this program, you must be 18 or more over the age of. 

Anyone who is legally residing in fifty United States, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia are eligible for points in the Bausch Rewards program.

Rules of Bausch Rewards

  • The token collected could be used for winning prizes, games such as sweepstakes, discounts on merchandise, and more.
  • This reward program will close at the end of December 31, 2020.
  • There will be a variety of points earning promotions offered from time to time.

How to Join the Bausch Rewards Program

Before you can start making rewards you need to sign up for to the Rewards Program of Bausch & Lomb. Follow these guidelines below:

  • To begin, go to the official website to learn more about the Bausch Rewards
  • When you click on this URL, you will be directed to the site.
  • After that, click then the Join Now option. It is located in the upper right-hand corner.


    • Enter your email address into the first field.
    • On the next page make the password for the account.
    • You will need to type in your password in order to confirm your identity.
    • Select your preferred title.
    • Enter your first and last names.
    • In the next box, you must enter your address.
    • Enter the name of the city.
    • Select the state you wish to visit on the table.
    • Then, enter your zip code.
    • Enter your telephone number in the next available space.
    • Enter your birth date in the final field.
    • After that, click the checkbox and signify your agreement with the terms and conditions.
    • Then, you have then click the Join Now option.

    How to Sign In at Bausch Rewards

    You’ll earn 1 token every month by simply making an account. The reward you receive and other activities will be updated each month. 

  • This gives you the opportunity to choose the best way to use your points and tokens. 
  • If you have already set up your account, you should follow these steps:
    • To begin, first, visit your Bausch Rewards website.
    • Clicking on the URL, you will be taken to the site.
    • You must then select the Sign In button.


        • After that, enter an email address as well as a password into the fields provided.
        • Then, you have to click the “Sign In option.

    How to Reset the Password

    The password is a crucial security measure to gain access to your account. 

  • If you have forgotten the password to your account, then you will not be able to log in to the Bausch Rewards account. 

  • It is possible to retrieve your forgotten password follow these steps:

        • The first step is to go to first the Bausch Rewards website.
        • Clicking on the hyperlink, you will be taken to the site.
        • After that, select the Sign In button.
        • Then, select then the Forgot password option.
        • Enter your email address on your next page.
        • Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to click then the Send Link option to reset your password.
        • They will email you a link to reset your password to your email address.

    How to Earn Bausch Rewards

        • In order to earn rewards, you must submit your valid purchase of contact lenses.
        • You could earn up to 3 tokens when you refer an acquaintance.
        • Additionally, you can earn tokens by entering an engagement number.
        • Through reading articles, you may also earn tokens.

    The tokens and points you earn will be transferred to your credit card.

    Difference Between Points and Tokens

    Earn points when you buy Bausch + Lomb contact lenses. They can be used for gift cards or a donation to charities. 

  • You can also redeem points to exchange for tokens.

    When you engage with the Bausch +Lomb You can earn tokens. You can redeem your Tokens to purchase Bausch and Lomb coupons, or to participate in thrilling promotions that allow you to take home prizes.

    How to Redeem Bausch Points

    For the purpose of redeeming your Bausch Points you must follow the steps in the following paragraphs:

        • To begin, click here to
        • After that, click on the Rewards button to the right of this page.
        • Click for the redeem Your Points option.
        • There you can find the gift card you can choose from along with other ways to redeem the points you earn from Bausch Rewards.

    How to Redeem Bausch Reward Token

    To redeem your Bausch Reward Token You must follow the following steps:

        • The first step is to go to this website
        • After that, click Rewards and then choose to redeem Your Token option.
        • You will find opportunities to redeem your token.

    Bausch Reward Contact Info

    If you face any problem or have any queries, then you can visit their contact page at

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