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About USAA

USAA is the acronym for the United Services Automobile Association. USAA is basically is a Fortune 500 diversified financial service firm. 

The company also operates a Texas Department of Insurance regulated inter-insurance exchanges that are reciprocally interdependent. In all of the United States, there are more than 12.5 million associate members of the USAA. 

According to Fortune 500 magazine’s largest United States corporate listing, USAA ranked 100 by its total revenue. 

USAA offers financial services, including Investing, Health Insurance, Real Estate, Retirement, etc. 

In addition to these services they also provide debit cards to customers who have accounts. 

If you own an account with a debit card issued by USAA If so, you’ll be interested in knowing the procedure to enable your card.

How to activate USAA debit Card

There are many ways for activating your USA Debit Card. The following steps can be followed below to activate your USAA Debit Card

To activate USAA Card Online: Debit Card On the Internet:

To start activating your USAA Debit Card online, you must follow the steps below:

    • The first step is to go to their official site of USAA.
    • Clicking on the hyperlink www.usaa.com, you will be taken to the site.
    • On the right side, click”Log In” to continue. Log On option.
    • You must submit the Online ID as well as Password in the fields provided.
    • Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to click”Log On” in order to log in to your USAA Online account.

USAA Login

          • Once you have logged into your account, be sure to search for the option to activate your card.
          • When you have the choice and you are given the option to activate, you must adhere to the details on the screen to activate the service.

    Inactivate USAA Debit Card through the Mobile App:

    USAA Debit Card can also be activated by using also the USAA Bank mobile app. It is necessary to install the USAA Bank app on your device. 

  • The app will be available on a USAA Bank app on both Android and iOS platforms. Follow the instructions below to finish the activation process:

    For iOS Users:

          • Go to the Apple Apps Store from your iOS device.
          • You must look at an app called the USAA Bank app.
          • After that, from the result of the search, you need to choose the application and install it on your device.
          • After you have installed the application, you must launch the app onto your mobile.
          • You must log in to your USAA account, using your login credentials.
          • After logging into your USAA Account, then you need to search for the option to activate your card.

    For Android Users:

          • On your Android smartphone, you will need to access your local Google Play Store.
          • On the Google Play Store, you must search for the USAA application.
          • From the result of your search then, you must connect USAA Bank’s USAA Bank app on your device.
          • After that, open the app and it will prompt for your login.
          • After logging into your account, you will need to search for the option to activate your card.

    How to Setup USAA Online Access USAA Online Access

    You’ll need to have the USAA online account to be activated for your USAA debit card. In the event that you do not have a USAA Online account, you will need to follow the steps below:

          • The first step is to go to first the USAA website.
          • Clicking on the URL www.usaa.com, you will be directed directly to USAA’s website. USAA website.
          • On the upper right side of the page, you’ll need to click the Log On button.
          • After that, select then the Join Online option.


    USAA Join Online

        • In the next step, you will provide your name and initials.
        • Next, you must enter information about your birthday in the following field.
        • Then, you have to click the Continue Form for additional steps.

    how to request a USAA Credit Card

    You can apply an application for USAA debit Card by calling this number: 210-531-USAA (8722).

    The benefits of USAA Credit Card

    These are the advantages that you can enjoy when you purchase this USAA debit Card:

        • You earn 2X points for each dollar you spend on gas or dining out.
        • When you make other purchases, you’ll earn 1X points on each dollar you spend.
        • For the first purchase, You will receive be awarded 2,500 bonus points.
        • Points earned can be used for gift cards, cash, or merchandise.

    USAA Customer Service

    If you have any issue during activation of your Debit Card If you encounter any issues, follow these steps:


    210-531-USAA (8722)

    800-531-USAA (8722)

    Mail Address:

    USAA 9800 Fredericksburg Rd.

    San Antonio, TX 78288


    Thus, activation is very easy. Following a few easy instructions, you are able to activate your USAA debit Card. 

  • When you first activate your card you might encounter a couple of issues. If this happens follow the steps outlined earlier.

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